How I made a little cash while cleaning my closet.

Hi everyone! How are you doing? It has been a while since we posted a new article. Rach and I have been very busy. There is so much going on in our lives right now. We are both dedicated to Pinktuition so we try to make the best out of the limited time we have working on our blog and Instagram. So there might not be a new article every Wednesday or Sunday. We’re terribly sorry for that! But we hope you all understand. 

It’s out with the old, and in with the new..When it’s getting colder I like to clean out my closet and throw some stuff out. But it is a shame to throw it all away, I have perfectly fine clothes that don’t belong in the bin. Facebook has a nice little function called Marketplace, where you can sell and buy things. One sunday I was inspired to clean up my closet and put in my winter clothes. And I found a lot of clothes in my closet that I really don’t wear anymore, so I decided to sell them.

I sometimes feel greedy as hell, throwing out clothes with the label still on. There are so many people who can’t even buy clothes as regularly as I do. And think about the environment, we destroy it so factories can make clothes, that we don’t even wear.

As I told earlier, I’m having my internship this year, which means that I can’t work the hours that I used to before. So my paycheck is getting smaller and smaller. I’m quite the shopaholic and quite inventive so 1 and 1 equals two and I decided to put them on Marketplace. The clothes I selled were old collections of H&M, Bershka, Mango and Primark but were still quite new (like some clothes had their tags still on!). I thought of a price and I decided on two euros a piece, which is basically nothing.
IMG_1107And I got sold out fast. Like really fast. Within three hours of putting the clothes on Marketplace they were all gone. I had a discussion with my mom about it. She told me that I also could have sold the clothes for five euros a piece. And I could have, easily. But I didn’t want to. There are a lot of people that don’t have a lot of money and who also deserve to look cute. If the clothes remain in my closet, I gain nothing. But now I know I made people happy and I made some money in return.

I hope this post inspired you to do something with the clothes you don’t wear! Sell them, donate them, do whatever you want or please! If you are creative, alter some pieces, get behind the sewing machine!

Have you ever sold old clothes through Facebook?

x jess

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