What really is clearing my skin this fall

Hey babes,

Happy Sunday! Can you believe it is november already? It is almost Christmas and almost 2019. 2018 is going by so fast!

It has been a while since I wrote about my acne. I know a lot of people suffer from (hormonal) acne and I discovered what really works for my skin. Maybe you could benefit from some of my tips! This article is build up from AM to PM and shows you guys exactly what I do to keep my face calm.

IMG_1105I use way less products than I did before. And the best thing is that the most expensive product I use right now, costs about €13,-! Here’s what I’m using:
Action Konjac Sponge
Bioré Cleansing Foam with Baking Soda
Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel
Aromatika Grape Seed Oil
The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation

Start with a clean slate
Your skin does a lot when you sleep and it is important to clean it before applying other things. I picked up a Bioré cleansing foam with baking soda at DM in Germany. I haven’t seen this Bioré product in Holland yet so I guess they don’t sell it in every country but boy, I love this stuff! It is very mild while it cleans your face pretty good! I wet my face and put some product and massage it in with a Konjac Sponge. Where has that one been all my life? I bought it at Action and my fellow dutchies know how cheap that store is. It was under two euros! I have the feeling that the Konjac sponge in combination with the cleansing foam really cleans my face and keeps it fresh. After massaging the product in I wash it off with water and dry my face with a clean towel.

Plant power
After cleaning my face I put on a layer of organic Aloe Vera gel. My skin absorbs it really fast and after absorbing I get a tightning sensation on my face. I leave it on my face a little and get dressed or make my lunch.

Wake up Make up
After the Aloe Vera gel is completely absorbed, I put on a layer of makeup. I don’t use a lot but since I have a few scars from my acne I always like to start with a layer of foundation. I use Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation from The Body Shop. I’m not a huge fan of it’s texture (I guess because of the clay) but I feel like it is helping clearing my face so I keep using it. After foundation I put on eyebrow gel, mascara, lip balm and whatever I feel like wearing that day.

After dinner I usually clean my face with any kind of face wipe to get off all my makeup. I clean my face again with the Bioré cleansing foam and the Konjac sponge. Some days I put on a nice face mask. And last but not least, grape seed oil! I put a few drops on my face and massage it in. Then I think of Rach, who told me that I should pat my oils in and start slapping myself in the face (lol). I devoted another article to grape seed oil that you can read here.

This is what really calmed my skin in combination with monthly beautician visits. I didn’t visit my beautician in october because I feel like my skin is great at the moment and I can skip the monthly visits now and then, what saves me some money. If you have any questions about my routine feel free to ask!

x jess


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