Monthly favourites october!


Hi everyone, how are you? Today I’ll be writing about my favourite items of the month. This will be a recurring article, as i always find it fun to look at other peoples monthly favourites. I’ll be talking about many different categories like music, skincare, movies, series and food just to name a few.


download (2)Let’s start with my most favourite item of the month, which falls under skincare. It’s the origins salicylic acid spot treatment. I used to use this product a lot back in the day when I struggled with spots, but stopped using it because I was experimenting with other skincare bits. Well now I’m back on it with this fantastic spot treatment. In my opinion this is the best spot treatment out there. I usually see results within 3 days. From this product on I’ve learned that when you find something that works for you, stick with it.


My favourite series of the month was definitely American horror story: apocalypse. I’ve watched series one and three, one because I wanted to know what the show was about and three because I love magic. With the latest season apocalypse both series one and three are combined into one continuing story where the world has come to an end with only a few survivors left, these survivors are trying to save the world and i’ll leave it at that. I don’t want to give a lot of spoilers but it’s definitely a must watch plus this season isn’t that scary at all.


On to my favourite movie or movies I should say of the month which were all the Harry Potter movies. A channel in the Netherlands has been playing a Harry Potter movie every Monday for the past month and I love it! Whenever I have the time to see it I get in my pyjamas, wrap a blanket around me and get some tea to watch it religiously at least till I have to go to bed. I’m a huge potterhead so this marathon made me really happy and I can’t wait till the new Fantastic Beasts movie comes out this month.


As for food, I’ve been loving red velvet cake (the one without the beet in it). It’s just so yummy, especially when made with white chocolate. It’s so mouthwatering and not too sweet that it is my definite favourite food of the month. #livingmybestunhealthylife

My music fav is Mariah Carey.. that’s all just Mariah Carey music, you can’t go wrong with that. Plus I cannot wait for the new album to drop later on this month. #finally


What do you think of my faves? Do we have any in common? Let me know in the comments!


x rach

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1 thought on “Monthly favourites october!”

  1. Ik moet dringend een AHS-inhaalmanoevre doen. Ik heb alles gezien tot en met Roanoke. Net de trailers van Cult en Apocalypse bekeken. Geweldig dat de seizoenen nu echt overduidelijk aan elkaar gelinkt zijn!


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