Is this what adult life is really like?


Hey all! How have you been? I for one don’t really know.. lately my head has been in a million places but never where I want it to be. Are you ever so lost that you can’t focus at the right times? For example at work, you want to be efficient and sharp and get your work done at the best level but lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve been walking through life with a haze in front of my eyes. Just going through the motions whilst feeling empty and low in physical ability.

life is tough my darling but so are you

Maybe it’s my weird sleeping schedule, where one day I have to wake up at six, the other day at seven and another day at 10 not including weekends where I go to bed whenever I feel and wake up when I wake up. I do however make sure that I have had eight hours of sleep on days I work, so 5 days a week, because otherwise I get even more grumpy and slouchy. When that happens I get the munchies meaning I start to eat horribly, anyone else have that problem? No sleep = unhealthy habits.


Struggling to maintain a social life. Working these early days means I need to go to bed very early in order to get the 8 hours of sleep I need. That means I don’t have the time to see friends for drinks or go to the movies like I used to do often during the week. With usually the weekend of I catch up on some work, series and go see my family and if I’m lucky see a friend or two. My (girl)friends (because let’s be honest I’m one of those gay guys that enjoys a strong female presence) have their own lives and schedules that will most likely not correspond with my schedule, this I understand of course but it does make it difficult to maintain a social life. Also on a side note I’m missing wine (awkward I need a drink laugh).


Now I know this kinda sounds depressing but no worries, no more semi-depressing thoughts from me the coming months! I’m confident that I can find my groove back and shine back to the top. Or is this just what adult life is like? Any tips? They are always welcome!


Thank you for reading and much love..

x rach

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