Am I a real libra?

Hi babes,

Next week is my birthday! I’m turning 23 and I love my fall birthday. For this weeks post I wanted to do something different: Astrology. Astrology is a subject that always had my attention, is it true that the month in which you’re born has influence on the way that you behave? And of course reading your horoscope in magazines is a guilty pleasure – but is what they write even true? Or is it just plain guessing? Let’s find out!

fecf4433c680c6f5d5261b6ee9f871c5Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial object as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events. It basically is a way of looking at the stars and planets and gaining information from them. By the constant movement of the sun and the change in stars there are always the same signs visible – but not always on the same location. The twelve oldest signs are called Zodiac. These signs have a special meaning because they are the background of the moving sun, moon and other planets. This movement, the moving from the earth around the sun, is called the ecliptica. And to make things even more complicated – in the ecliptica these signs all have their own gradient. Let’s set the sign Aries as example – that sign is set on 0 degrees. There are twelve Zodiac signs – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. I am born on October 19th, so my sign is Libra. Now I’m wondering: am I a true Libra? Or doesn’t your sign have any influence on your personality?

I’ve looked up 21 secrets of the Libra personality
and summed them up for you:
1. Libra will forgive, but not forget;
2. Libra often seeks a long-term and meaningful relationship;
3. Libra is fair, balanced and quick to admit when they’re in the wrong;
4. Libra is clever and a critical thinker;
5. A Libra has to see it to believe it;
6. Libra is great at negotiating and is able to talk people out of doing things;
7. Libra is extremely observant and often knows more than they let on;
8. Libra can’t stand selfish and inconsiderate people;
9. Libra has a chill and laid-back approach to life;
10. Libra can be ridiculously persuasive;
11. Libra ignores the haters and goes after what they want;
12. Libra is very charming and a bit of a flirt;
13. Libra is calculated and tactful;
14. Libra can’t be with a lover who is selfish;
15. Libra would rather lose an argument than lose a friendship;
16. Libra is always trying to make everyone happy
17. Libra is a great listener and gives great advice too;
18. Libra is open-minded and curious;
19. Libra is a social creature who craves conversations;
20. Libra can be unpredictable at times;
21. Libra feels happiest when everyone they love is happy.

You can find a lot of these personality-traits of your Zodiac online. There are a lot of traits in recognize in myself, like being extremely observant. I always am on the background of situations, analysing situations and people. I’m a bit shy so I’m never the center of attention. And I also like to think that I have a chill and laid-back approach to life. But I’m not really a social creature – I can go days without talking to someone. I don’t crave conversation – Sometimes I am a bit socially awkward.

But now I am curious – I see a lot of these traits in myself, and there are a few that I don’t recognize: but what about Rach? What does he think about these traits? I’ve asked him to name one trait that he recognizes and one that he does not. Rach: I would say that number 18. Libra is open-minded and curious;is absolutely correct. Jess is very accepting and doesn’t really judge she’s also very curious and love to try new things when she sees something she likes, her mind is always prickled to try it out with the mindset if it doesn’t work ‘oh well’. The trait i would say that Jess does not have in common with this list is number 13. Libra is calculated and tactful; Jess is a very impulsive and spontaneous person and tries not to think about things too much, cause if she does she gets in her head which can spiral out of control. In total i would say that Jess has about 60 percent of the libra traits, which I find a pretty high number since this is such a standardized concept.
So now we’ve figured out that I have some traits of Libra, I’m wondering.. how does it work with your horoscope? As I said earlier reading them in magazines is one of my guilty pleasures. According to astrology there is a connection between the sun, the moon and other planets and events that happen on earth. They also say that for every past, present or future event you can make a horoscope. A horoscope is a prediction and does not have to happen. So this is tickling my senses – what does my horoscope for monday and tuesday say? I’m writing this article on monday evening, so I’m curious what my horoscope might say about my day. I visited a dutch site that posts your horoscope daily. My horoscope for monday said: ‘’Sometimes you need the support of a good friend, just like everyone. Listen well and soak it up. When it comes to work it is time to put things in motion. Maybe getting out of bed is a struggle today. Are you paying attention to your condition and your health? You could use some physical activity. This does not mean that you have to hit the gym, but a little morning gymnastics could do wonders.’’ This is also partly accurate and partly not true. Today I was not struggling with some kind of problem and did not needed support in any kind of way. Also I did not work so there wasn’t any need to change things there. Getting out of bed was a struggle today, but that is because I had a bit of a hangover.

So yet again we see something from astrology that is not all true. Now I’m curious about my horoscope for tuesday – will reading it on monday, change my tuesday? The previous named site did not provide horoscopes for the following day, so I visited this one. What does tuesday has planned for me?: ‘’Your day will go by positive. Intellectually you are on top, so try not to suppress ideas. Let under no circumstance revolutionary thoughts slip through your fingers, you will regret that later. You can really blow-out. If you place a wrong step, all your hard work will fall apart like a house of cards. Obligations of any form will go by quickly. The stars are aligned favorable for you. A bad mood is a sign of the fact that you are tired. Relax more’’. There were a few things that might happen: I had in mind to work on some school assignments, so the intellectual part would be very handy. I’m happy to hear that obligations will go by quickly, because I have to work and I am not looking forward to it. Since this week is vacation, I am happy to hear that my horoscope tells me to relax more and that is something that I will also do a lot this week!

My overall conclusion about this little investigation is that I in fact, have a lot of Libra personality traits, but not all of them. And that’s great, because I’m happy to know that I am not the same as every libra, that would be very boring. And as far as horoscopes – it will remain a guilty pleasure of mine, but don’t take them to seriously or let them influence your day: just let it happen! Or is my laid-back life approach telling me to say that? I hope you had fun reading this article! What is your sign? And do you consider yourself ‘’a real…’’? Let us know!
x jess

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