What’s up with me?

Hi peeps,

It is finally sunday! The only day I’m free and can do whatever I want. As you may have noticed Rach and I are less active than this summer. I decided to dedicate an article to what I’m up to, because I’m always curious about what people do and maybe you are too!

i swear it was like friday five minutes agoI N T E R N S H I P
I started my internship in august. I study pedagogy and right now I work 32 hours a week in an elementary school in a somewhat poor neighborhood. It is my job to help students with bad and unwanted behaviour. I also observe their behaviour. I feel that this is a great place for me and I love working with kids in this age. After 8 hours of working I’m really tired and all I want is my bed. I’m very confident at my internship and they told me multiple times that they want to give me a paid position when I’m graduated. These things keep me going!

Fridays are my school days and it is interesting, but my energy levels are so low when it is friday. I already worked for 32 hours so I’m basically a zombie with a cup of coffee. The things we discuss at school are for example domestic violence trainings. How can you discuss domestic violence with kids? We are also busy with researching behaviour. This year you have to be very independent and there are no more teachers telling you what to do.

Next to my internship and school I work 8 hours on saturday. I work at our local Domino’s as shift manager for five years now. Studying in the Netherlands is quite expensive and with my lifestyle I can’t afford not working.

My boyfriend and I took salsa lessons last year and we liked it so much that we got a level higher this year. I always loved dancing and there is something about latin dance that I love. Our lesson is every wednesday and we have a big variety in our group – like we have really old people and young adults like ourselves.

S O C I A L   L I F E
Combining all these things with a social life is very hard. I’m busy every day except sunday. Making time for my friends is hard, but very needed. I love catching up with them over a coffee or a glass of pinot grigio. Finding time on the other hand is difficult – I can’t be up late on weekdays because I have to be fresh at my internship.

As you can see I’m quite the busy bee this year. I love my internship but I can’t wait until this year is over and I have a little more time for other things I like. Per example: Pinktuition! I love our little blog and IG page, but Rach and I are so busy. He started working as a VM and we need to plan our posts. We sadly lost a lot of followers because of that. I hope that when the holidays arrive we can find a little more time to work on our blog because it is something we love to do.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek in my life. I’m finally getting used to waking up early and getting home late. At the beginning this was very hard for me, because I am someone who enjoys their sleep. If you have any questions about my internship or study – please ask! What do, or did, you study?

x jess

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