My weekend trip to London, Travellog


Hi everyone, how are you? Today I’ll be sharing my London trip experience. Everything from what I did to where I ate and shopped at.


Weekend trip to London.


First of all I want to start this article by saying, I love London! London is definitely my favourite city I’ve ever been to. It is also the first city I went to all by myself, so it holds a special place in my heart. London it always very busy and hectic but I somehow manage not to get any anxiety and enjoy my time there with all the chaos. This time wasn’t any different, even though I went at an off peak time of the month. The chaotic side of London does have its benefits in my eyes, it always gives me loads of inspiration seeing people from different cultures and ways of life.


On my first full day in London, I started the day walking around my borough which was Paddington, a great location if you are looking to stay near the center and Hyde park. I was hoping to get breakfast at Saint Aymes, a popular cafe semi-famous on instagram, but unfortunately they weren’t open till ten so I headed down to Hyde park for a lovely morning walk.


I went straight through Hyde park to get to the other side which is Knightsbridge, aka Harrods heaven. But before I went to Harrods I stopped at the amazing Peggy Porschen Cakes for a lovely raspberry cake accompanied with a lovely green tea. Afterwards I took a stroll down Sloane street where all the major fashion houses have their stores, doing some window shopping because my wallet isn’t that broad. Then Harrods came along on my list to see and I must say I was a bit disappointed. I found Harrods a bit hard to navigate and couldn’t find the categories I was looking for while on the floor it should be. Maybe i felt that way because there was a lot of refurbishment happening and a lot was closed off. I did get a few good bits while in the Knightsbridge area.

Off to Oxford street.. after the disappointment of Harrods I took a tube to oxford street hoping I’d get a fashion kick. As always Oxford street didn’t disappoint, all the major shops are here and there’s a lot of possibilities to succeed on your shopping quest. From Piccadilly Circus I walked through Regents street to get to Carnaby street picking up some lovely pieces along the way at Anthropology and Uniqlo. After that I visited the iconic department house of Liberty where I picked up a face scrub. The selection of clothes and skin care they have at Liberty is amazing, also sneak a peek at their Christmas shop it will make your eyes drool.


After shopping the Carnaby area I headed to House of Minalima in soho just a few streets away. It is an amazing Harry Potter Museum and shop built in a four story house. The aesthetics are amazing and they had great bits for any Harry Potter fan. It’s a must see if you love Harry Potter!


Right after that I went back to my hotel to drop off my shopping bags, change clothes and head back into the city where I met up with a fellow instagrammer, Tuna Yoney. We had a lovely time talking about fashion, career, exploration and of course Instagram whilst drinking our classic cup of British tea at Fortnum and Mason. I also got to meet his boyfriend who was just as lovely. We had a great time and it was lovely to meet you two, if you might be reading this.


Afterwards I did some more shopping at Oxford street and had a lovely dinner at Kingly courts’ Stax Diner. Hidden away just off the centre of Oxford Street this place is a gem.


Day two.. off to Shoreditch. Shoreditch is located just about 5 to 10 minutes outside the city and known for amazing graffiti art, vintage clothing and pop up shops. I started my day with an empty stomach as I was anticipating an amazing breakfast at the Breakfast club near Spitalfield market. It’s a great American style diner with load music and great aesthetics. However the waiting time for a table was 40 minutes and my tummy was as empty as my bank account after this trip. So I headed into Spitalfield market to see what options they had and wasn’t disappointed when I found another American style diner simply called the Diner. Here I had pancakes with strawberry and I must say having been to the breakfast club before, I’d choose the breakfast club every time for sure. Better service, pancakes and decor.

After breakfast I explored all the lovely vendors at Spitalfield and headed to brick lane where all the vintage clothes markets and stores were. The culture in this area is just amazing. Walks from every country, you could see this in the people walking around but also the food that was sold here. Just great vibes all over.


After my thrifting exploits I headed to the St. Paul’s cathedral area including the millennium bridge for some good ole sightseeing. With this travel log being so long, I won’t take in more of your precious time and say..

All love..

x rach

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