Grapes have other benefits, besides wine!

Hi everyone,

Today I want to discuss a product. It is not your typical beauty product and you can’t get it at Sephora. I’m talking about a pure product. Something without additional ingredients. Curious about what I’m talking about? Read on!

The product I’m talking about is pure grapeseed oil. I saw an article about it on Serena’s blog and I had to try it. A bottle of grapeseed oil costs about €12,- and is a lot cheaper than other cosmetic products. I think it is also a benefit that it’s natural: you can be sure you are not putting any chemicals on your face. I sometimes struggle with reading labels on products, like what are all those acids? And what are they doing on my face?

But let’s get back to grapeseed oil: it comes from the pressed seeds of grapes. Who knew that grapes brought us another great product besides wine? The oil is known for antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They also contain huge amounts of omega fatty acids and vitamin E. That’s why a lot of people use the oil as a form of skincare. I’ve read online that because of the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, you can use grapeseed oil to clear acne. And since I finished my Kiehl’s MRC, it seemed like the perfect time to try it out!

I use the oil every night as a serum. First I clean my face with a face wipe and a foaming cleanser or scrub. After that I put some drops of oil on my face. It keeps my face hydrated and I can see a difference – my skin is a lot clearer. The thing I can’t stand about grapeseed oil is the smell. It smells SO bad! I think I’m going to add a few drops of lavender oil to get rid of that smell. But besides that, it is a great product and way more economical than other serums. And besides that, it’s natural!

I hope you liked this review and I recommend you all to try pure grapeseed oil for your skin. You can get it at Holland&Barret and if you can’t find it in stores, try to search online! I’ve seen bottles for as little as €6,00,-. What is your skincare discovery?

x jess

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