Five Fall Favourites

Yay! It has been fall since friday! Fall is one of my favourite seasons because it is my birthday in october (duh!) and it is just so cosy. Fall greeted me friday with lots and lots of rain and being the person that I am, I forgot to put on a jacket.. Working on it! I put together a list of my fall favourites, these favourites can be your guide to make this approaching season as cosy as possible!
Fall clothes are the best! You can wear slightly warmer dresses with boots or a big old sweater to cuddle in. My personal favourites are raincoats. They make your outfit look smart and they are very comfortable paired with a big soft scarf.
IMG_0824I love my recent combo. My H&M raincoat and my Primark leopard scarf. Together they look super smart. I also love these beige colours for this season. 

Me time
I love me time in fall! When I get home from my internship I instantly put on some comfy pyjamas, put the kettle on for a delicious cup of tea and watch some netflix or read a book. When you don’t know what kind of book to read I would advice anything Dan Brown or check out our previous articles from the Pinktuition Book Club! IMG_0796This is what me-time looks like from my perspective. Sitting in a relaxed pose with my pink striped pyjamas from H&M and a delicious latte. 

I get a lot of Starbucks in fall. Why? Because they have Pumpkin Spice Lattes again! That is my absolute favourite drink from Starbucks and I get it all the time. Unfortunately this year I’m only close to a Starbucks on fridays so I can’t drink them every day, but now they’re going to be a weekly treat and I think my wallet is going to be happy with that change. Want to make Starbucks more economical? Ask for a stamp card! With 10 stamps you get a free tall drink, at least in the Netherlands. IMG_0797I don’t have a picture of me holding my PSL yet.. I loved this little artwork found on pinterest. 

October is my favourite fall month. Why? Because it is my birthday! I love planning my birthday and this year I’m thinking of hosting a dinner instead of a party and clubbing afterwards. The second thing I love about october is Halloween. It isn’t as big in the Netherlands as other holidays, but I love watching the Disney Channel movies like Halloween Town. Can’t wait to snuggle up with a blanket and some tea!

I’m not a huge outdoorsy person but when it’s fall I love wandering around local parks. The trees look really pretty with all the colours and it is just a great feeling to walk on crispy fall leafs. Ugh I wish I had a dog to walk around with this fall!
This seemed like a fun little addition, but I am getting obsessed with coffee mate, and especially the pumpkin spice flavour. I never even had it! But it just seems so yum in coffee. It’s not available in the Netherlands so I sent Rach out to check if they have it in the UK. I’m so obsessed with American supermarkets and products – if I ever go there, I kid you not, I would spent three days visiting supermarkets.

So. That were five of my favourite things about fall. I can’t wait! What are your favourite things to do in fall? And are you as crazy as me about PSL? Let me know in the comments :).
x jess

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