Gay culture 101, Being bullied


Hi everyone! This article is for anyone dealing with bullies, being bullied in life or has dealt with being bullied. Especially for LGBT+ members, as I’ll be sharing my experience and how i dealt with it.


Gay culture 101 is a recurring article about everything LGBT+ related. I`ll be giving you an insight into gay life, it’s obstacles and struggles but also the positive side. These articles will be very light hearted, it’s about inclusion in every way. I hope i can enlighten some of you with my knowledge of the gay world and show you what it is really like. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the article and learn a little bit more about the subject. Have a great time reading, looking forward to your feedback.


Gay culture 101, Being bullied


Being bullied is one of the hardest things I had to face during my high school experience. I have always been a flamboyant and feminine boy and never really took part in the “masculine” activities at school because I was more into art and music, this has always divided me from other “straight” boys in school. I would always get made fun of for my fashion the way I talked and acted, for basically being myself. It was a very depressing time in my life and I would hate going to school. I regularly skipped school and missed a lot of my classes and therefore never finishing high school. Bullying was apart of that but also I really didn’t like school overall.

When I look back on being bullied and the tough time I had school, I’m actually fine with it now. Don’t get me wrong not being bullied would be heaven back then, but it has made me a stronger person dealing with difficult people in my life and knowing who to trust and picking up on signs that they may be a bad person. I have always been a very confident and strong person. Being bullied cemented that, it has made me even less fragile and has given me more of a perspective on other people around me.


How I dealt with it

My strategy was ignoring them. This gave them the illusion that I didn’t care and couldn’t be bother when in reality I was hurting. After a while of ignoring I gained the more confidence to speak up. When someone said something about me, I would throw it right back at them with something that was a defensive and offensive in one, out smart then basically. Some of the bullies would scare away and not bother me for a while. Speaking with other bullies later on in high school, said that they thought I could handle being bullied because I could clap back at them and looked so confident. Ignoring was probably the best way to go and I do mean completely ignoring them in the sense that you act like they do not exist at all, not looking at them and not conversing. One time it got to a point that neither strategies worked and I had to inform teachers. There is no shame in that! Know your limit, if it is too much to handle go to someone higher up or someone you are close to. All this also applies to adult life, if you don’t know how to deal with it you can always send a message and try my best to help.

That’s it for today’s article. I could probably spent hours talking about this. But I thought this would be helpful enough for now. Let me know what you thought about it and how you dealt with bullies. Talk to you soon.


All love..

x rach

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