The Pinktuition Book Club – DAMN, HONEY

Hi loves!
64A07DC7-8842-4B3D-A7B0-A448D4C08F05The book I wanted to discuss with you today is ‘DAMN, HONEY’ by Marie Lotte Hagen and Nydia van Voorthuizen. Two feminists who wrote a plea about doing just what YOU want to do. In the Netherlands there was a bit of a hassle about a book written by a famous youtuber. In her book she talked about how you have to wear spanx if you have a belly. Or that you need to please your man in any kind of way. You NEED to be sexy all the time. The feminist inside me got very angry.

Marie Lotte and Nydia’s book came at the right moment. In their book they talk about almost everything: love, sex, fashion, sexual orientation, body positivity and so on. The book itself has 83 pages and I finished in about an hour: I couldn’t put it away! I just had to keep reading it. This is my bible now. I don’t know if the girls are planning to translate this masterpiece in English, but because I want all of you girls to enjoy their writing I translated this important piece myself:

‘’Men cannot hold back and women should do something about that. That is the way our society thinks. Women are deemed to cover themselves up, learn to defend
themselves at a young age and exchange tips to get home safe: a key between your
knuckles as a weapon, pretend to have a phone call, don’t listen to music so you stay
alert, send each other a message when you arrived home safely. Because those poor
men can not suppress their primal instincts. They are slaves of their high libido. They have to shout when a woman passes by, they just need to feel a woman when she
walks around in a club and they are forced to force themselves upon you. But if a
woman gets undesirable groped, we put the blame on her: she probably has provoked
it in some way. The slut. ‘’

In my opinion, every teenage girl should read this book. I think it has a feelgood factor and you will learn to love yourself more. The girls who wrote this are so honest about everything and are not reaching for perfection, they are reaching for realness. And that rocks! Give a girl ‘’DAMN, HONEY’’ and she will conquer the world. She will laugh about her insecurities. She will know that she is not alone. Feminism isn’t about being better than men, it is about being equal. And at this moment, we are not. And that is why I applause these two ladies: good job on the book! Now on to the top!

I hope you liked this edition of the PBC. If you are interested, you can buy the book here. Unfortunately it is not translated in English (yet). Shall we go stalk Marie Lotte and Nydia so they will translate it?

x jess

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