Pinklog! New in pink items, September 2018


Hi everyone! Today article will be yet another amazing (in my eyes haha) Pinklog. I’ve been shopping around a lot lately. Because I work full time now, when I have time off I like to go into the shops perusing around and buying some bits and bobs. I am thinking of doing a Pinklog every month, at least if I have bought pink items that month. Right now I’m just doing Pinklogs whenever I feel I have enough new pink items to write about. But I feel if I keep it consistent at one Pinklog each month, it will be better for you guys because there will be consistency in the uploads. Do you think that’s a good idea? let me know..


With that being said, Pinklog is a recurring article in which we are going to buy pink items from different stores, lay them out and write a little review about. This article is meant to help you find cute/interesting pink items and inspire you on the search for said items. The difference between Pinklog and our regular Hauls/shoplogs is that Pinklog is specifically Pink driven and will only feature pink items. I hope all is clear and that you`ll enjoy these pink articles to come.


Pinklog! New in pink items, September 2018


The first item on my list is a face mask. To be specific it’s a metallic rose gold sheet mask. I mean.. fancy much? I bought it while shopping in Amsterdam at urban outfitters I went there with a goal, which you’ll see in this post, but got majorly sidetracked. This item was not on my list but I thought why not pick it up for you guys. As we are approaching 1k followers on Instagram, we will be doing a 1k giveaway and I thought this would be a nice item to add to it.


The second item is one of my favourites little books I’ve seen in awhile. I love smaller and thin books. Just those ones with the right subject and can read through within a few days. I thought this book was very fitting to us here at pinktuition it’s about a subject we love and it’s so cute and pink. The book is called “Little black book, A toolkit for working women”. It is a lovely book with tips and tricks in every area from work to personal life to fashion and money and everything in between. A lovely book for self improvement and self worth.


My third item is a lovely body scrub from treacle moon. I have always known about the brand and have tried a few shower gels before. When I saw they had a scrub available, I thought the timing couldn’t be more fitting as they just started following us on Instagram and I was in need of a new scrub. The scent is amazing! A light cherry scent with some lovely sweet notes. The scrub isn’t too harsh on the skin and to me is very gentle. For the 5 Euros I payed for it, the feeling is very luxurious. I think you might be seeing this in my favourites this month. Also the packaging is so cute #unicornsandsprakles


My last and in my eyes best item is a Guess t-shirt I’ve wanted for almost a year now. It is a pink with grey striped tee with a simple Guess LA logo on it. I first saw it on my email list for urban outfitters America and have wanted it since but it was never available in the Netherlands until now. It is a very simple tee but when I see something I like, I keep a screenshot of it for months in my phone until I find it. Obsessive much? Yep.. But I love fashion and when something catches my eyes it’s hard to let go and I just have to have it, hahah “insert awkward laugh”.


These were my new in pink items. What did you think of them? Comment below and let me know.


All love..

x rach

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