A big culture shock involving pasta

Hi everyone! Happy sunday! I have a very busy week and yesterday we went to an amusement park, so sunday is the only day I can relax. I slept in and had an overall relaxed morning. Today I wanted to share a culture related story which I found very funny, I hope it makes you laugh too!

I gained a lot from having an Italian father – I always have family to visit in Sicily, I speak Italian, I know a lot of recipes including pasta and pizza and yes, I even gained a little weight. Blame the carbs! In my upbringing there were a lot of things that I thought were normal. But not everyone does everything the same way. Curious about what I’m referring to? Read along!
everything you see i owe to spaghettiMy boyfriend’s upbringing was different from mine. His parents teached him and his little brother some things about etiquette. Long story short – they always eat with or a fork and a spoon or a fork and a knife. Big etiquette rules – you eat with two pieces of cutlery. I had many dinners with them where I grabbed my spoon or knife later on, a bit embarrassed. My boyfriend sometimes even teases me with my lack of ‘’etiquettes’’.

In Italy they do things a tad different. Pasta isn’t your main meal, it is somewhat like your appetizer. And guess what? You even get appetizers before your appetizer. You eat a lot. After pasta comes meat, fish, salad, dessert, fruit, coffee.. you name it. Can you imagine that 7 year old Jess sometimes had to sit two hours at the dinner table? Italian people also have their habits. This is my favourite: you CAN’T eat pasta with a knife or a spoon. Only a fork is acceptable. This is just how we roll. You can eat spaghetti with a fork and spoon, but that’s about it.

The culture shock I had at my boyfriend’s house, he had when we visited my Sicilian family. We were all set up at the dinner table and my aunt served her pasta as first course. He wanted to make a good impression and sat up straight, grabbed his knife and fork and was about to eat. Imagine this – a table full of loud talking sicilians with plates full of pasta, all eating with a fork. I watched him and nearly peed my pants when he slowly put back his knife and started to eat with his fork only. That people, is a big culture shock involving etiquette.  

And you? Have you ever experienced a culture shock?

x jess

2 thoughts on “A big culture shock involving pasta”

  1. Grappig om te lezen dat dit zo verschilt! Mijn vriend en ik zijn qua eten ook heel anders opgevoed. Bij hem thuis eten ze altijd eerst vlees en daarna pas de rest van de maaltijd. Vooral de eerste paar keren zat ik echt vol verbazing te kijken, omdat ik gewend ben om alles in één keer op mijn bord te hebben. Sommige dingen lust ik ook echt niet los zoals bijvoorbeeld gekookte aardappel brr, dat vind ik sowieso niet zo lekker, maar los is toch nog iets erger vind ik.


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