Monthly favourites August 2018, Narrated by a gay guy

Hey everyone, how are you? Today I’ll be writing about my favourite items of the month. I think this will be a recurring article, as i always find it fun to look at other peoples monthly favourites. I’ll be talking about many different categories like music, skincare, movies, series and food just to name a few.

Starting with what I loved in television. I’ve been loving the new celebrity big brother uk series and especially bit on the side. For those of you that don’t know the show big brother is a reality show that airs every day of the week for a month and it is still going at this moment. A group of celebrities have to live in a house together and the public gets to vote people out every week. You also see all the drama and banter (don’t even start with me on that word). My favourites are Dan and “Hi I’m Kirstie Alley”. For anyone that is watching the show, what do you think about it? And do you think it will get cancelled? (I’ve heard rumours).


For my favourite movie of the month, it has to be Christopher Robin. This movie was so heartwarming and lovely to see. It gave me a very familiar feeling as it reminded me of my childhood with Winnie the Pooh Being my favourite cartoon characters back then. If you love slower, smart and cute movies this one will be great for you. It would also be great on a rainy day with a nice hot coco and a warm blanket.



downloadThe skincare item I’ve loved this month is the Brazilian bum bum cream. It is a body butter with a thick consistency and lovely smell, sweet but not to sweet and there is a warm-ness there is well. It spreads very nicely and gives me a very nice feel. Just solid all around.



As for food, I’ve been a very bad boy because I’ve been eating quite unhealthy lately. Working full time, I usually go to a supermarket in my break and pick up something sweet. I’ve been loving chocolate croissants. Everyday I think to myself.. today I’m not gonna buy one, let’s be healthy. But no I just can’t resist. Especially when they are fresh from the oven and the chocolate is still a little runny inside, it’s delish!


https_images.genius.com4937060d163a5e35ce175f4df81f6c73.722x722x1My music fav of the month is Doo Wop ( that thing ) by Ms. Lauryn Hill. I have always known about the greatness of Ms. Lauryn Hill and the Fugees but lately the song has been in my head a lot and I’ve found myself researching some more of their songs because of it. The song is so good, soulful yet still a great beat and relatability.



These were my favourites for the month of June. What do you think about them? And what are some of your favourites this month? Let me know in the comment! Much love..


x rach

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