Why I love Karl Lagerfeld

Hi babes,
Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite persons in the fashion industry.
Karl Lagerfeld is one of my favourite designers. He has worked for huge maisons like Chanel but also has his own label which is a bit more affordable. Karl designs something for everyone.
229b40aff474874ff5e0c8a819dbd665Mr. Lagerfeld is born in Germany, but lives mostly in Paris now. His career started in ‘55 with Balmain and he worked for Chloé, Valentino and of course Chanel. That is, if I might add, an impressive list. His style is probably what he is most known for. He wears black and white most of the time and you can’t imagine him without a pair of sunglasses. I think he is an icon.
24f4f0e197a616aab596317c3f81fd7cI love almost all of the Lagerfeld collections. They have items with choupette, a cute little cat, but also Chanel-tweed style items. I love this style because it is very basic bus has a fun twist to it. He also puts his own face on his design’s and how cool is it to walk around town with Karl’s face on your feet?
MAIN-Karl-Lagerfeld-and-ChoupetteHis boutiques are also very nice and my favourite one is the one in Antwerp and the outlet in Roermond. The staff is always really friendly and they want to make sure that you had a nice experience while shopping. The design is also very cool and makes me want to buy everything in store, a compliment for their visual merchandiser!

When I heard about the Karl Lagerfeld x ModelCo collection I texted Rach immediately. Of course I had to buy everything! From the collection I own a lipbalm, a lipgloss, a brush and a bronzer/highlighter duo.

There are a few pieces from Karl’s that I like a lot! And because I am a sweetheart I will show you guys my favourite pieces with links where to get them! Read along!
You all know I have a thing for pink. This bag is girly and cool at the same time. Get it here.
I have a thing for everything with Karl’s signature. This top will look so cute on any pair of jeans. Get it here.
K4811A00D-A11@5Karl’s signature on espadrilles? Yes please! These are very summery but we can keep them for next year right? Get them here.
Except for my Vans SK8 High Tops I don’t have any high sneakers. I thought about getting some converse but how cool are these? Get them here.
K4821D025-A11@12Another white top for when you’re going for that relaxed jeans-white top look. Get it here.

I hope you had fun reading this article (dedication!!) about Karl. What is your favourite brand or designer? Let us know in the comment section!

x jess

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