The Pinktuition Book Club – Crusade in Jeans

Hey everyone! Thank you for reading this article. It has been a while since we had an Pinktuition Book Club and I finished one recently, so one and one is two! I hope you’ll read this article, relaxed, on sunday with a cup of coffee.

The book we’re going to talk about today is Crusade in Jeans, a children’s novel written by Thea Beckman. I’ve known this book since I was about 10 years old, it was my teachers favourite. But I never read it! My boyfriend owned a copy and one day this vacation I got bored, so I searched his room for books. Then I asked myself: why not this one?

The book itself came out in 1973, so it is not new. The original is in Dutch (Kruistocht in spijkerbroek). It is about Rudolf, a dutch boy from the 20th century who volunteers for an experiment with a time machine. He is fascinated with history and wants to witness some medieval events. He ends up in Germany where he sees a Children’s Crusade. There goes something terribly wrong in the experiment so Rudolf can’t return to the 20th century – he is stuck in 1212.

Rudolf makes friends, teaches the children a lot, discovers a lie, fights the plague and a lot more.. but will he ever return to the 20th century? For that, you’ll have to read the book!

Although this is a children’s book, I quite enjoyed it! I wouldn’t say that it is written only for children. Do you know this book? And have you ever read it? Let me know in the comment section! See you at the next Book Club meeting!

x jess

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