Pinklog! A random selection of pink items

Hi everyone!

Pinklog is a recurring article in which we are going to buy pink items from different stores, lay them out and write a little review about. This article is meant to help you find cute/interesting pink items and inspire you on the search for said items. The difference between Pinklog and our regular Hauls/shoplogs is that Pinklog is specifically Pink driven and will only feature pink items. I hope all is clear and that you`ll enjoy these pink articles to come.


Pinklog! A random selection of pink items

Today’s article will be a shoplog with a pink theme, with some items I’ve bought the last couple of weeks. Included with these pink items is skincare, home and some stationary bits. Hope you enjoy the read and selection.

Starting with the smallest item on the list. The first item was definitely one of those impulse purchases, you have every now and again. Luckily this item didn’t cost that much. The item I’m talking about are these cute little triangle gold paper clips. I bought them at flying tiger, one of those fun ‘we have everything’ shops.


The second item is also very simple and affordable. You might have seen it in one of our Instagram posts. The item I’m talking about is a simple yet beautiful pink satin ribbon. I bought this because I thought it would really up a pictures look, make it pop more and add to the overall decor. Also very handy for gift wrapping, as I’m a stationary lover this simple item gives me life! I’ve bought mine at Sostrene Grene, but you can get ribbons like this at multiple different places.


The next item is a home bit. Recently I had won a little competition at work and won a new to go mug from Monki, it’s very cute. Decorated with black dots and the quote “wake up”. Every time I see this mug I have an inside laugh because it reminds me of a quote from the tv show Rupauls drag race, where Rupaul asks Pearl to wake up, it’s just so funny to me anybody who has seen the show knows that iconic moment.


The last item on my list is actually a new moisturiser I’ve been using for the past two weeks. It’s the Origins skin matte moisturiser. My skin has always been a little shiny and lately its been looking a bit sweaty even though I was not sweating. So I thought this product would be perfect for my skin. My opinion on it at this moment is a bit hit or miss. Sometimes my skin looks really matte and other days I barely see a difference. However I do really like the scent and texture of the moisturiser and gonna keep testing it.



These were my new in pink items. Hope you liked it. Are there any pink items I need in my collection? Let me know in the comments below. Hope to see you soon!

All love..

x rach

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