Moving on!

Hi everyone! How are you?

Lately I’ve been talking a lot with people at work, friends and family about moving on from past friends, boyfriends and even goals. So I thought let’s have a conversation about it.

How do you deal with letting people go?

I myself am a very cut throat person. If I’m done with you I’m done for real. There is no going back. My opinion is this.. if you have done me wrong multiple times, I’ll end the relationship because I see a pattern and that usually means the person isn’t going to change so why bother keep getting hurt. But I get that not everyone is like that, a lot of people in my life have a hard time letting go and making the decision to get the negativity out of their life and I wonder why that is. If you keep getting hurt and people keep making your life complicated why not change that? It’s better for your mental health and probably theirs as well. What am I missing, am I just not compassionate enough? Are my feelings wrong? Tell me what you think about it, I’d love to know your opinion on this matter.


How do you move on?

If you do choose to cut someone out of your life, how do you deal with it? The way that I move on is no contact with the person I cut out. That means no texting, no social media, defriend. Basically the person does not exist in your eyes. When the person is mentioned I jokingly and shadely say “Who?” or “I don’t know her” made popular by my diva Mariah Carey. When you run across or are at the same place as the person you cut out, do you greet them or just ignore them? This I still don’t really know I guess it depends on the situation. But how do you deal with these situations? I’d love to know!

Mariah Carey being iconicly shady and a bit petty


A lot of thoughts and questions in this post. It’s really something that has been set in my mind for years. I am very interested in the way that people deal with situations differently. Maybe you learned something from this or maybe I’ll learn something from you in the comments.


All love..

x rach

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