Girlpower Shoutout!

Girlpower Shoutout! Remy Ma

Girlpower Shoutout is a recurring article about people and company`s that contribute a positive message to girlpower and female empowerment and therefore deserve a shoutout. The idea behind this is to improve the current state for women in the world, to what extent that we can to help. By supporting these company`s and people, we can slowly but surely improve the state that women are in. Because let’s be honest.. Women aren’t always supported, the same way that men are. We should have equal footing, 50/50, and we hope that we can contribute to that with these articles. Hope you’ll enjoy the read and like this concept.

Girlpower Shoutout! Remy Ma


remy-ma-feb-2016-billboard-1548Remy Ma, is an American rapper. She is one of only five female rappers to ever top the Billboard Hot 100 chart and one of only three multiple winners of the BET Award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, which she won in 2005 and 2017. You might know her from songs like “Ante Up (Remix)”, “Lean Back”, “Conceited”, and “All the Way Up”. Or from her feud with Nicki Minaj. But let’s focus on the positive.


The reason why I chose Remy Ma for this Girlpower shoutout is because I wanted to feature a female artist, as music is very influential. With quotes like “However you are, that’s how you’re meant to be,” and ‘Look at yourself in the mirror like what’s up.’ That’s what I’m giving them.” She really wants everyone to be themselves and that’s absolutely the view I have in live.


remy-ma-melanin-magic2-thatgrapejuice-600x641“Melanin Magic,” which came out this January, praises dark-skinned black women for all of the traits they have. Black women are not being recognised for their beauty and smarts and their struggles, they are commonly dismissed in Eurocentric standards of beauty. Even if a dark-skinned woman has just as flawless skin, beautiful hair and a banging body it won’t be as recognised or acknowledged as it would with Eurocentric standards. That’s why this song and Remy Ma’s message is so important, inclusion in all things and that there is beauty in every skin colour.


With Girlpower shoutout, Remy Ma is supporting other women by sharing their stories on her Instagram page with the hashtag “Mymelaninmagic”. With this hashtag she is supporting and helping grow other females on Instagram, which is a great opportunity. With that support the female voice will grow and positivity will be highlighted.

Another thing that Remy has done is hosting a female empowerment brunch. One where she discussed the alienation of females in rap and needing to stick together to foster success and thrive in a male dominated industry.

With all these positive initiatives Remy has created I believe she is very worthy of Girlpower Shoutout. I want to thank her for sharing her point of view and for empowering females.

Who do you think contributes to female empowerment and deserves a Girlpower Shoutout? Leave it in the comments below!

x rach

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