A weekend in Paris

Hi everyone!

How have you been? How is your summer going? Did you go anywhere fun? I sure did! Last weekend I went to Paris with the boyfriend. We’ve arrived saturday morning and went back to the Netherlands sunday afternoon. Curious about my trip? Read along!
IMG_0441How cool is this? Made by Racquel Helmers. Make sure to follow her website and IG

T H E   C O M M U T E
On Groupon we saw an offer – two days Paris for €69! That is a cheap trip and since we didn’t book any vacation we just wanted to do it. That Groupon included a bus ride to Paris, one night at a hotel and breakfast.

Friday on saturday morning we got on the bus at 02:30. I had slept for an hour because I was really tired. When we got on the bus I fell asleep after ten minutes and I woke up at like 08:00ish. Even my boyfriend got a good night’s rest! He is almost two meters so busses are very uncomfortable for him. You know that there is a huge difference between the Netherlands and Belgium? The moment of crossing the border you instantly felt it because of the road! I woke up in a shock but got back to sleep minutes after. At nine we had to stop because the driver has to have a break in between. I had a latte with madeleine syrup – sweet but so good! At the toilet I changed, washed my face and brushed my teeth. When back in the bus I applied my make-up.

I wore this white Bershka dress with sandals and my red Primark bum bag, which I showed you guys in this article. I’m always afraid of pickpockets so a bum bag is ideal for travelling and shopping.

At 11:15 we arrived in Paris. I was a bit sad. We bought tickets for the Louvre (mind you, two tickets for €40!) with a time slot from 10:00 until 10:30. Because of circumstances we arrived a little late in Paris so we threw away a lot of money. And no Mona Lisa for me, which is on my bucket list for a few years.

I N   P A R I S
My sadness instantly went away when I saw the Parisian architecture and all it’s gold details. Paris is beautiful. We went to the Champs-Elysées for a bit of shopping. I cried when I saw Sephora, no not really, but it was huge. I bought some face masks for Rach because he gave me a huge list and some goodies for myself. I love walking around on the Champs-Elysées and roaming little cute shops and stands. At midday we went to McDonalds because we are such tourists and lovers of fine cuisine. We were so hungry and we’re longing for a burger. Don’t you think it is fun seeing what McDonalds has on their menu in other countries?

After our lunch we went roaming around a little bit more. We already went to Paris when we were four months together so there is a lot that we already saw. At three we we’re so tired that we went to a café and ordered a glass of Chardonnay and a Corona. What a prices at Paris! Foods and drinks are so expensive. We sat at that café for about an hour and continued our tour.  For dinner we had lasagna and cannelloni which we’re okay, but also pricey.

The bus driver was going to pick us up at 11 so we had an entire evening to fill. We went to a supermarket to see what they had, we always do, in every country we’re at! And we chilled at a park for a bit because it was pretty sunny and relaxing. We saw the Eiffel Tower light up and went to our hotel.

T H E   H O T E L
We stayed at a Companile hotel outside of Paris, in Clamart. I loved the hotel. Our room was really basic but I was happy to see a bed. The room was also very clean and you don’t see that everywhere in budget hotels.
IMG_0393After a much needed rest we got up at 8 to prepare for breakfast. The breakfast was also great. I had a croissant, a pain au chocolat, café au lait and orange juice. The bus picked us up at 10 for our last day to Montmartre.

We haven’t been here yet and we thought it would be boring. At first we also thought of getting the metro to go to the centre of Paris. But I’m glad we didn’t. What a nice piece of France! While Montmartre is a hotspot for tourists you still see some real french people in there. We saw the Sacre Coeur, got invaded by people who wanted to sell us bracelets, went to a small church and ate a three course french meal.

I really got shocked when I saw the prices at montmartre. In Paris an entrée costs about €11, and here you got a ‘’formule €16’’, a three course meal for €16. We had french onion soup, Boeuf Bourguignon and chocolate ice cream. It was really good. After roaming the town and buying a few souvenirs for family we went to the bus, because at three we would go back home.

That was my Paris trip! I hope you enjoyed reading my article. I love Paris, but no city on earth can replace how I feel about London. What is your favourite city?

x jess

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