July`s Monthly Favourites From a Gay Guys perspective

Hey everyone, how are you? Today I’ll be writing about my favourite items of the month. I think this will be a recurring article, as i always find it fun to look at other peoples monthly favourites. I’ll be talking about many different categories like music, skincare, movies, series and food just to name a few.


Beginning with what I loved this month in television. I’ve started rewatching the 1998 series Charmed. I have been missing some magic in my life and thought why not rewatch a show I used to love a lot. For those of you who don’t know Charmed, it is a series about three witches living in San Francisco. Each of the sisters has a different power, one freezes time, one can move objects and people and the other has the power of premonition. The three of them are really powerful and strong females that kick some demons asses. The show has a strong undercurrent of family, love and growth which has a lot to do with why I love it.


What I loved in movies. The movie I most enjoyed this month was the Incredibles 2. I loved the first movie and think this movie has improved on it a lot. Where the first movie focused on mr. Incredible most the sequel focuses more on the children and ms. Incredible. I loved exploring Jack Jacks new powers and his new relationship with my spirit animal Edna Mode. The movie was just a fun time at the theatres with people’s reactions and the rush of all the action. My number two movie of the month was Ocean’s 8. I also really liked this movie but the reason this is at number two is because there wasn’t enough action and the women didn’t present enough smart and wittiness, but I think the writers are at fault for that. But I still really liked the movie as it is a spy-type film which I love and it has an amazing female cast at that.



2340a1a108782f60ad631e96b273579dFor my skincare fav, I’ve really been loving the Lush tea tree water spray. Last month I ran out of it and didn’t have a chance to rebuy till the beginning of July. With these heatwaves in the Netherlands it’s been really refreshing to spray a little bit of the product on my face. It cools me down for a minute and helps with keeping my face fresh and clean. It is a staple in my skincare routine and have loved it for years, but this month it gave me some extra love.


As for food, I really couldn’t go without cashew nuts and almonds. Working full time, I’ve really been needing that afternoon snack to fill my tummy. It always feels empty around 4 and I feel myself needing a little pick me up. So I’ve been enjoying nuts. They’re healthy and quick to eat, and I needed both this month, so it was a perfect healthy treat.


My music favourite of the month is Miguel’s – Come through and chill. It’s a perfect not to mellow and easygoing song. It’s slower but still has a great beat. I needed some calmness in my life this month and this song put me right in that mood.


These were my favourites for the month of June. What do you think about them? And what are some of your favourites this month? Let me know in the comment! Xoxo..


x rach

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