Why I stopped using birth control

Hi everyone,

When this article comes online I’ll be roaming the streets of Paris. My boyfriend and I booked a last minute and I couldn’t be happier about it! You can read all about my Paris trip next week! 🙂 

First of all: no, I am not trying to get pregnant! I’m still in school and I want to finish that before I start a family. I want to share the reason why I stopped using birth control with you because I think there are a lot of other women suffering with this problem.

When I was fourteen I started dating a guy that was four years older than me. My mom put me on birth control because she was afraid that I would get pregnant. We had ‘’the talk’’ and she told me all about condoms. But just to be sure she also wanted me to use birth control pills. So we went to the doctor and she gave me a prescription.

665643b0ba149cf2e030fe798a6064eaThis is an old birth control ad. I found it on Pinterest. It kind of disgusts me how the pill is advertised. It was such a men’s world back then. 

The birth control pill is a hormonal form of contraception. They mostly contain two hormones, estrogen and progestogen. They also provide a predictable menstruation. In the Netherlands it is very common to use these pills at a young age. Almost 60% of the young women use any form of birth control. At my school it was also pretty normal – you could control your menstruation and for the people who had sexual intercourse it was a solution: they couldn’t get pregnant!

In my first year of college I studied the use of birth control from young people in the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey. I learned a lot about people’s habits and about birth control itself. I learned that in the Netherlands people have safer sex than in Italy and Turkey. For religious reasons some people there don’t even use birth control.

Last year people were talking about the effects of hormones in birth controls. It could lead to weight gain, mood swings and so much more. I started thinking about myself. Some days I felt energetic, and other days I just wanted to cry and lay in bed all day. I had huge mood swings. Sometimes when my boyfriend was a little grumpy and said something in a less nicer tone than he would normally I would cry. My breaking point was my 22nd birthday. I was feeling terrible. I did not feel happy, I did not want to celebrate anything. I just wanted to cry and go to bed. That was the day I decided to stop using birth control. And I feel better ever since. I don’t have mood swings anymore and I feel happier.

Right now I don’t use any form of birth control like pills or IUD. I don’t want any extra hormones in my body and I am afraid of getting an IUD. My boyfriend and I use protection so there is not coming a pinktuition baby anytime soon. I didn’t experience any problems after stopping with birth control and my period is still very predictable – the only change it made is that it lasts for a day longer.

I know what it’s like to feel bad due to hormones. I think quitting is the best decision I’ve ever made and I thought this is such an important subject for us girls. If you experienced the same issue as I had – the mood swings – don’t be afraid to talk to anyone about it. You don’t have to face your struggles alone, and if you feel alone, don’t hesitate to send me or Rach a message.  We got your back!

x jess

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