Lush Grease Lightning spot treatment Review!


Hi everyone! Today I’ll be doing a review about a Lush product I have recently discovered called the ‘’Grease Lightning, spot treatment’’. Lately I’ve been getting a few pimples popping up at random places on my face, at my cheekbones, around my nose and t-zone. Because of that issue i thought i would try a new spot treatment and it so happened that i saw this one while visiting a Lush store. The product is described by Lush as a powerful combination of ingredients that are anti inflammatory and rich in antioxidants. Which sounds exactly like the things i need. The products main ingredient is Tea tree oil, this is the main reason for buying it because I’ve been a frequent buyer of the Tea tree water spray from Lush and love it, so i was very interested in this product.


Grease-Lightening-PackagingNow onto my thoughts.. I have been using the product for two weeks now and must say that I am impressed but not very impressed. The product doesn’t irritate my skin yet does feel tightening which I don’t mind. As it is a clear gel type product it doesn’t soak into the skin very fast and does leave a film over the skin that almost looks like dead skin stuck to you face after a while, so i`d say use it sparingly. On that note the product comes in a bottle with a pump on it, which makes it hard to get little product on your hand, therefore you’ll most likely end up with spare product which is unfortunately wasteful. Now does it do what it says it does? yes and no, pimples don`t really go away they just get smaller, which is fine to me. Where the product really shines is those big under the skin pimples that make your skin hurt. When you put the product on those type of pimples they appear smaller and lessen after a nights sleep. In conclusion I’d give the Lush Grease lightning spot treatment a solid 8 out of 10.


Should you buy it? Yes if you have big pimples/zits. No if you smaller pimples. But you really can’t go wrong since its only 10 euros.


Thanks for the read. Do you have any skincare favs? Let me know in the comments.

x rach

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