I couldn’t resist the sale

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely week. I sure did. Even today I slept in and I’m currently enjoying a soy latte whilst publishing this article. And also great news! This morning I woke up discovering that my face is almost back to normal! Yay to my beautician!

Do you know these moments where you know you really shouldn’t be spending your money and still spend it? Yeah, that is basically my life. I went to the city with my mum to get iced coffee and I went home with a new pair of sneakers.
IMG_0297I am such a sneaker person. I rarely wear heels. I love mixing up sneakers with a dress or skirt. I think that this particular trend is called something like the dad sneaker. I bought mine at Manfield with 50% off.
IMG_0296The sneaker itself is white with gray and silver details. The laces are lighter gray with a clip so you don’t have to tie them.
The platform is quite big and I had to get used to walking on them. it felt more like rolling. The shoe is also quite high. The outside of the shoe is made from leather.
You can combine these shoes with a simple top and jeans for a casual day or go all out and wear them under a skirt or dress. They are quite basic so they match with a lot of pieces I own.
IMG_0300The price is what made me decide to buy them. Originally they cost €129,99,- but with 50% off they were €65,-. That is still not cheap, but a lot cheaper than other stores which carry almost the same shoes. At Sasha, the Bronx ones, were still €130-, ! I tried to find you guys a link, but I think my model is sold out online. These are comparable.

What do you think about this trend? I guess it is something you either love or absolutely hate. Let me know in the comment section!

x jess

3 thoughts on “I couldn’t resist the sale”

  1. Het is altijd leuk om thuis te komen met een nieuw paar schoenen, hihi. Ik vind de zilveren details erg leuk! Ik weet niet of ik ze zelf zou dragen, vanwege de hoogte van de zool maar ze lijken me wel heerlijk zacht lopen. 🙂

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