Gay culture 101, Pride Edition

Gay culture 101 is a recurring article about everything LGBT+ related. I`ll be giving you an insight into gay life, it’s obstacles and struggles but also the positive side. These articles will be very light hearted, it’s about inclusion in every way. I hope i can enlighten some of you with my knowledge of the gay world and show you what it is really like. Hopefully you`ll enjoy the article and learn a little bit more about the subject. Have a great time reading, looking forward to your feedback.

1399295096Gay culture 101, Pride Edition

With Amsterdam Pride coming up I thought it would be nice to share some of the best places to visit with pride happening.


Gay pride in Amsterdam is always a lot of fun and where some cities have one day of gay pride Amsterdam hosts a week full of activities/festivities for pride. But the best day remains Saturday. On Saturday August 4th the canal pride parade takes place, you sit down or more likely stand somewhere because of how busy it will be, near the canals to watch the boats float by and celebrate your truth, being around people like you. During this weekend you can just feel the love and good vibes from the people attending pride. After the parade party’s start around four o’clock, but I usually take the time after the parade to chill at vondelpark or do some light shopping followed by dinner.


There are a lot of party’s, festival style, around the city one of them at Dam square, this is likely the biggest one and also my least favourite. This party is so crowded that you don’t have any space to dance or be yourself. The next party is at Rembrandt square and is my the party I love most, you have the space to dance, everyone is nice and the music is good for anybody. These street party’s are free to go to by the way (booze not included). There are plenty of other party’s to go to but these two are the biggest by my knowledge, I think there are around six street party’s a day on the weekend. You can find the full itinerary through this link: https://pride.amsterdam/event/street/


After you’ve had a great time attending the street party’s and you still have energy for some more dancing and music, you can go to Reguliersdwarsstraat they have the best gay clubs and it’s always a fun time no matter where you end up. My personal favourite is club NYX. But be prepared to pay a lot to get in to the clubs, the cover charge is around 10 Euro and up.

I hope I’ve given you enough information as to where to go this pride in Amsterdam. If you have any questions leave them down below in the comment bar on contact me on Instagram, I’m happy to answer any questions about pride and other stuff in general for the best pride experience. Love..


x rach

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