My summer make-up

Hi loves,

It has been over 27 degrees almost every day in the Netherlands. And with those temperatures, you don’t need or even want a full face of make-up, at least I don’t! I thought it would be a fun idea to show you guys what I wear when temperatures are rising up!
IMG_0223It really isn’t much. I always start with my eyebrows – I tame them with a clear eyebrow gel from Essence, which got a little bit dirty because of probably foundation.
IMG_0229.jpgAfter that I use a few layers of mascara. I’ve been using Benefit’s Roller Lash for almost two years now and it is my absolute favourite mascara ever!
IMG_0228We can’t forget a nice layer of lip balm and I use Kiehl’s Butterstick in the colour naturally nude. This butterstick gives your lips a sheer colour and has SPF 25 in it which keeps your lips from burning.
Sometimes I apply a little bit of bronzer or highlighter, depends on the things I do that day. The bronzer and highlighter duo I use a lot right now is from Karl Lagerfeld x ModelCo.
IMG_0226And last but not least – perfume. I always wear perfume. I told you about Etos’ evening kiss in another article. It is lighter than the rest of my scents so great for summer.
IMG_0225And that is mostly everything I wear during summer. Sometimes I add a dash of foundation to cover up some blemishes. Which still aren’t gone after my beautician-visit. Yesterday I had my second session and I must say my skin is a lot calmer than it was. But boy, the treatment hurts!

What do you wear in this heat? And are you a fan of full face make-up in this weather? Let me know in the comment section!

x jess

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