What I’m proud of

Hi everyone,

At the end of a school year I always get a bit sentimental. I get emotional and think about things that happend that year. I realized I can do more than I think. I’m always very critical when it comes to myself and I tend to talk myself down. When people compliment me I’m always like yeah, but…

While writing this I am sitting in my own car (don’t worry! I’m parked!) Which I bought from my own money. A white Fiat Seicento, bought after three months of having my drivers license. I pay for everything myself – gas, insurance, taxes.. not every student can afford a car. I think I can be pretty proud of myself of driving Fifi, her nickname.

I’ve passed almost all my exams this year and will start my third pedagogy year with only one do over. It was hard combining work, school, my boyfriend and a social life, but I still managed to succeed.

Rach and I started our blog and Instagram page, which grows every month. We have a lot of nice followers which makes it such a fun and lovely thing to do. I’m not only proud of myself, but also of Rach. We make this work. We keep building our Pinktuition empire and hopefully we’ll hit 1K after summer vacation.

I’m proud of being a super cool auntie of two. I love seeing their faces when I get to my sisters house – all excited to play with me. I didn’t know that you could love two little humans this much.

And I’m very proud of my boyfriend and I. We’ve been dating for almost four years now and we’re about to take the next step – getting a house together. We’re saving money instead of going out and instead of buying clothes we’re buying coffeemakers and kettles. I’ve grown a lot with him and I’m sure we can pull this off.

I’ve always been a bit afraid of the future. But now I know I’m ready for it. I can do this. I am proud of myself.

x jess

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