Millionaires wishlist by Rach


Hey everyone! A while ago Jess posted an article about her most wanted items that are a little too pricey. So today I thought I’d share my wishlist for my most wanted millionaire priced items.


Starting with clothing. I’ve been eyeing a Gucci sweater for a while now, but I can’t get myself to buy it. The price is just to high at 1980,- dollars. Not that I have that kind of money but I am one to save for an item I really want. It’s the Snow White wool knit sweater in light blue. As a huge Disney fan I love to collect bits and bobs and pieces of clothing to my collection, so this would really fit in well. It’s a high fashion piece that I would wear in my daily life plus the colouring is beautiful.


Next up is shoes. With yet another Gucci item, I promise these are the only two items from Gucci on my list. And of course I’m talking about the iconic Princetown leather slippers. They are gorgeous, classy and beautiful in my eyes. The ones I would like most is a pair with the rainbow ufo appliqués. As a member of the lgbtq+ community I see this as a little nod to us and like to showcase it. The cost for this pair is 1100,- dollars.

Onto my bag of choice. If I were filthy rich the bag that I would love to own is the classic original Hermes Birkin bag. This bag is so classy and beautiful. The shape is timeless, the hardware is define. It just screams money, I won’t even mention the price because it’s that expensive.


The next wishlist item is something I’ve wanted for about 5 years now but am unable to buy because of money and circumstances. First of I would need a house of my own, since I still life at home with my mom. Preferably a loft type home and then I would love to own the gorgeous Jonathan Adler Goldfinger Apartment Sofa. This sofa is so luxurious and regal yet still modern and contemporary. It is made with navy velvet and gold brass. The sofa costs 3200,- dollars, and I’d say it’s worth every penny.


These were my millionaire wishlist picks! What do you think of them? To be clear there are more important things in life than money and buying these lovely items, but there is a lovely feeling of wanting something and working hard on it to get it. Everyone has (hopefully not) impossible to get things that they want and we are no exception. Do you have anything you would like to obtain in life? It doesn’t have to be a physical item it can also be an achievement, let me know if you have any I’m really interested in what drives other people in life.

With love..

x rach


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