My first beautician experience

Hi lovelies,

It is finally sunny again and I passed all of my exams! So next september I’m in my third year! YAY!!

Saturday two weeks ago I went to see a beautician. Why? Because I was really sick and tired about how my face looked. Despite all my efforts, face masks, creams, gels and oils my acne only got worse. I know a huge part of it is stress because of final exams, but I was not happy. I made an appointment through Treatwell. Treatwell is Europe’s biggest online booking platform. You search on location or on treatment et voilá, you get all kinds of salons with reviews.

I choose my beautician based on reviews and the products they used. I had a dr. Murad acne treatment. The beautician made me feel very welcome and asked if I ever had any treatments. Since I was a newby, she explained everything she did which really comforted me. I really vibed with her, she was such a nice lady. The first step of my treatment was a relaxing peeling with a face massage, followed by a warm towel to open up my pores. I really enjoyed that part of the treatment.
the lady is a beautician not a magicianMy beautician asked me a lot during the treatment. About my eating habits, my menstruation and my intestines. There comes more to acne than you think. She advised me to stop using dairy and drink more water. I’m still struggling a bit with that, but I’m drinking soy milk and coconut milk on a daily base now. I think I still have to get used to it. I’m not sure if I’m seeing results already, but my treatment was two week ago. The lady is a beautician, not a magician! My beautician thought that a huge part of my acne is from stress and the rest comes from hormones. Some women get acne while they get older. This is a severe form of acne and actually hurts a little. They are more like cysts, not soft pimples that you can pop easily.

The second part of my treatment was a bitch. The beautician pricked with a needle in the inflammations and pushed all the shit out. This wasn’t pretty. The lower part of my face even hurted. My beautician was really nice about it and warned me if she thought the inflammation was going to hurt. She also told me to relax and breathe through my mouth, which helped a little. After that she cleaned my face and put a layer of fruit acid on my face. It stinged a little because she pricked my face earlier, but after a few minutes it felt pretty relaxing. She went to the waiting area to talk to my mom about insurance (I know, bringing my mom to the salon with me, I’m such a baby!) so I actually closed my eyes for a few minutes to relax. The painful part was over! After a while she came back to clean my face and applied a little cream. She knew I was insecure about my face and it was a bit red because of the treatment. She asked me if I wanted her to cover up the red marks with makeup. This is one of the little things why I enjoyed the treatment so much: the beautician understood how I felt.
dr muradI got samples of the Time Release Acne Cleanser and the Anti-Aging Moisturizer. 

She gave me samples of two dr. Murad products – one cleanser and one day- and night cream. She didn’t want me to buy anything yet, because she thought I already spent  a lot of money on skin care products (true) and she wanted to know how my skin reacted to the products. This lady just is a professional in every way. She did not at all push me to make another appointment, but she thought it would be wise to have a treatment monthly. I left without making an appointment, but three days later I booked one through Treatwell. This treatment isn’t magic and I don’t have a clear face yet, but you sure as hell notice difference already. I guess it is the combination of the treatment with the dr. Murad products. Anyway, my next appointment is the 14th of July, so I keep you guys updated!

x jess

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