Monthly Favourites from a gay guy’s perspective


Hey everyone, how are you? Today I’ll be writing about my favourite items of the month. I think this will be a recurring article, as i always find it fun to look at other peoples monthly favourites. I’ll be talking about many different categories like music, skincare, movies, series and food just to name a few.


The first thing I wanna talk about is my favourite movie of the month which is Love Simon. Love Simon has been in theatres in America for about 3 months now but just recently came out in The Netherlands. The story is about a closeted gay teen and his difficult and dramatic journey to coming out. This is my favourite movie of the month because as a gay guy myself i related so much to this story. There are a lot of points in the movie that happened in real life to me, this was really the first time where i could relate to a mainstream movie like this plus it was heartwarming which is always a 1-up for me.


Next up are my favourite series of the month. Firstly Queer Eye on Netflix. This show is a massive success which couldn’t happen to a better show. After releasing series 1 Netflix fast tracked season 2 so we only needed to wait a few months for more episodes. The show centres around 5 gay guys named the Fab 5 with each a special skill they are known for. The show revolves around transforming men and sometimes women into the best version of themselves, this process is usually an emotional, heartwarming and fabolous honey! (imagine a fingersnap after honey! honey).

My second favourite serie of the month is Westworld on HBO or Ziggo Go in The Netherlands. Just like Queer Eye, Westworld is also on its second season and an eventful one at that. Westworld is about a theme park and their hosts which are robots. Season one was about setting up the park, building the mythology and world. Season 2 is about the hosts trying to escape the park to live in the real world. Westworld is an emotional thrill ride that combines beautiful movie like sets and scenery with intellectual parallels to real world problems and the complex moral questions that one can face.


The next favourite is food related. Since i just shared my favourite movies and series of the month, you might be wondering what I would eat when watching said favourites. This favourite is an absolute life-saver. I’ve been really busy the couple of weeks managing two jobs, our blog and a social life that I have been exhausted and tired during each day of the week. So when I have some downtime to watch my series or have a break at work, I like to drink the Innocent green antioxidant smoothie, this smoothie is so yummy and always gives me a boost of energy.

Now onto skincare. I’ve been loving the sheet masks from Qiriness. They are available at ici paris in the Netherlands. The one I love most is the green pack called “Hyal-Aqua”, it leaves my skin smooth and even and my pimples appear smaller. However this effect doesn’t last too long about 4 hours I’d say, so if you have an event or need a pick me up this mask is perfect for the occasion!

Last but not least, my favourite song of the month! It has got to be Dua Lipa’s – One Kiss. This song has been stuck in my head for a while. The song musically isn’t even a masterpiece, it’s just catchy and makes me wanna sing and dance and is therefore my fav. Do you have a song stuck in your head at the moment?

These were my favourites for the month of June. What do you think about them? And what are some of your favourites this month? Let me know in the comment!

x rach

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