On The Run part II – I was there!

Hi everyone,
IMG_0094.jpgThe Tuesday I was looking out for was finally there, it was time for On The Run part II! I was going to see Jay-Z and Beyoncé live at the Johan Cruijff ArenA. I saw Beyoncé two years ago with the Formation World Tour, but I was so excited about this one! I saw the first version of OTR on tv and it was so good.

First of all I wanted to say something. People leave negative comments about OTR II because it is too organized and there is no room for spontaneity. But you get one hell of a spectacular show. Why shouldn’t it be organized? Would you pay more than €50,- for a show where Beyoncé is only talking to the audience about nail polish? I guess not. These are two top artists who give a fantastic show. It was epic. I just can’t stand people’s negativity sometimes.
IMG_0086I went with a friend of mine and her little sister. The three of us traveled by train to Amsterdam. The area of the concert was very crowded because Demi Lovato had a concert there as well. Luckily we didn’t have to wait a long time because we had fixed seats.

When we entered the venue the support act was already begun. It was a DJ. We had to study for our finals so we went to Amsterdam last minute, just in time to see the Queen. We wandered around the venue a bit, had something to drink and visited the merchandise stand. I doubted for a while if I should buy a shirt or sweater. I really wanted to, but it costs a lot of money and would I even be wearing it? But at the end I was like who cares? And bought a shirt. It is a black t-shirt with Beyoncé and Jay-Z sitting on a motorcycle. On the back you see all the places they visited with OTR II, in a cross. Horizontal for Europe and vertical for America. The shirt was €40,-.
F2F53753-8DF8-48F7-B50D-0FAF4D9314B6After the merchandise run we went to find our seats, because the queen would begin in about 30 minutes. We chatted a little, laughed a lot and enjoyed the music. And then it was time: Bee and Jay walked on stage!

The show was awesome. Very similar to OTR, but still awesome. Beyoncé always makes her shows a work of art with her outfits and visual effects. I also like how they added a lot of videos. These videos told some sort of story. They both killed it. Every outfit I was like ‘’this is absolutely my favourite, yet!’’ and she still amazed me with every new set of clothes. I was emotional when she sang ‘’resentment’’. That is my absolute favourite Beyoncé song EVER. I always watch it on youtube, a live version, because I think it is better than the original. And she just did it, live. While sitting. In a gorgeous nude dress. With teared up eyes. I loved that. That was the only moment I captured fully on my phone because I knew I would watch that video over and over. I just have nothing other than good to tell you about OTR II. If you still have the chance to get tickets, do it! It is worth every penny.
IMG_0095The one thing I disliked about the show, actually has nothing to do with Beyoncé or Jay-Z. It is the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The sound of the venue is just SO BAD. After three songs I had earache. FIX. YOUR. AUDIO. IF. BEYONCÉ. PERFORMS. IN. YOUR. VENUE. thank you.

x jess

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