Girlpower Shoutout!


Girlpower Shoutout is a recurring article about people and company`s that contribute a positive message to girlpower and female empowerment and therefore deserve a shoutout. The idea behind this is to improve the current state for women in the world, to what extent that we can to help. By supporting these company`s and people, we can slowly but surely improve the state that women are in. Because let’s be honest.. Women aren’t always supported, the same way that men are. We should have equal footing, 50/50, and we hope that we can contribute to that with these articles. Hope you’ll enjoy the read and like this concept.


Girlpower Shoutout! Shapeways


Shapeways is a 3d printing service and community that strives to make 3d printing accessible to anybody out there. I first got to know the company thanks to a picture i saw of someone i adore Dita Von Teese, it showed Dita in an amazing 3d printed dress made by Shapeways. Ever Since i occasionally look at the sites marketplace to see what’s new and if there are any new creations/ technologies. Now you’re probably thinking what does this have to do with Girlpower, well a woman named Lauren Slowik works for the company as head of education where she is pushing woman to get into printing and design. In doing so Lauren is empowering women to get into this particular field. Because there aren’t a lot of women in that industry, having a woman on the forefront speaking out about technology, printing and design is a major plus in this male driven industry.


Lauren Slowik

Being a female voice in that industry and trying to get more people into printing and design Lauren has made several curriculums to educate people on 3d modeling, printing and entrepreneurship in the digital market. One of them being a collaboration with the New York public library a place where thousands of people come in to gain knowledge. With these curriculums people will learn a lot about business as well, in this sense she is helping others to thrive with their smaller businesses which is another form of empowerment and we’re all about that. Helping one another grow and learning new skills is something i can really appreciate and therefore i wanted to give  Shapeways a shoutout through Lauren Slowik. If you are interested in this subject and want to learn more, you can go to Shapeways.com for more info.


Leave a comment down below on which company or person you feel deserves a shoutout!


x rach

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