How to survive student life

I am not your typical student who goes to parties regularly. But every week my planner is filled with things for my study, my internship, meetings, our blog and I also have friends and a boyfriend that I like to see often.. How the hell do I deal with this?

With summer being so close I can almost smell it, I notice that I’m just so tired. This school year has absolutely drained me. And knowing that I still haven’t booked a trip and probably won’t, doesn’t make me any more calm. But I still manage to rock my school year. Want to know how? Read on!
every day is one step closer to summer.jpgAs a student people expect a great deal of you. I am someone who always puts in effort and I like to finish my assignments on time. Next to that I work two days per week, so I have to plan seeing my girls and boyfriend around that. Next to my planner I also use a form of Bullet Journal in a pink notebook. I keep several pages as a reminder for myself. Sometimes I make homework in my notebook. The most important page in my notebook is the page on how many exams I’ve passed this year. To have this page close by gives me a bit of rest. I know where I’m at. It’s easy to add another grade in that list. I also like keeping a study tracker, but I must say that lately I’m not using it very often. It is a page with one by one cm cubes, and a cube stands for one hour. I’ve colour coordinated my subjects so I know how much time I spent on particular subjects. I know, I’m such a nerd!

I go to college by train, which is a 30 minute ride. I consider that time, me time. I’m not on my phone and I’m sure as hell not doing anything for school. I simply read. It is the only time I have to read a book properly. This way I start and end my school day relaxed.

I’m a big fan of coffee and I drink it all the time. Studying is more comfortable with a latte. Sometimes I take 15 minutes off and make myself a delicious cup which gives me the energy to get going. I also like to multitask. When you’re studying and need to sit ‘’still’’ behind your desk, this is the perfect time to apply a face mask. That way it is even more comfortable.

Retail therapy is also something that works for me, but not for my wallet. If I’m really stressed I just want to spend money. Luckily I have a Primark nearby so I always come home with a cute bargain. Imagine if I lived near Harrods, I would be so broke!

And my last tip is, when you’re not feeling it, reschedule. School, work and everything can feel like a burden, but you gain so much more if it doesn’t feel like that. If you’re not feeling like studying saturday evening, postpone it to sunday morning. Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, whatever you like and go for it. And remember boys and girls: summer is almost here!
x jess

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