Alex Strangelove Review


Hi everyone! Today i’ll be reviewing the new LGBT+ Netflix original movie, Alex Strangelove. The movie is about a senior in high school named Alex Truelove. He is on a journey to get rid of his virginity with his girlfriend Claire until he meets a boy named Elliot.



Alex has a pretty normal life , everything is going really well for him, he is chosen as the schools student class president and has a great group of friends. He is a bit of a animal and nature nerd, but in a cool kinda way not that stereotypical loser nerd way, we are used to see in these type of teen angst movies. He meets Claire in class bonding over a specific type of octopus, after that they become great friends making videos comparing their schoolmates to different types of animals. Very soon after that they start their romantic relationship.

After a while Claire and Alex go to a party where Alex Meets a boy named Elliot and a girl named Gretchen. Elliot is an openly gay guy living with Gretchen because his father doesn’t approve of Elliot being gay. I thought this was a good problem to put in this movie because it’s a common problem in the gay community and unfortunately happens too often still. However if you are going to introduce a heavy topic like that, i wish they didn’t do it as a throwaway line and educate people more about it. The day after the party Elliot and Alex go to a concert together, as they are bonding the two actors do a great job creating chemistry and you can definitely feel the cute nearly falling for each other vibe that is important in this movie.

There is a really cute moment where Alex looks at cereal boxes and instead of seeing the names of the cereal he sees words like Hetero`s or Gay flakes and comes to the realisation that he is bisexual. After a bit Alex bumps into Elliot while shopping for condoms for his big night with Claire. They go to Elliot’s house where they bond over some music, you can feel the tension and when they sat close together Alex kisses Elliot, after that Alex gets a bit mad because he is confused which i get since these feelings are new to him. The day after Claire and Alex go to a hotel to do the deed. This entire scene was kinda awkward, not mentioning that Alex pictured Elliot when it was happening. After sex Alex and Claire get into an argument because Alex is giving of some weird vibes, at this point in the movie i just wanted Alex to tell Claire the truth about his feelings for Elliot because it would’ve picked up the pace a bit. Not that this movie is boring or slow, but it definitely has a middle of the movie dip and is a tiny bit uneventful.

That’s all i’m gonna give away, the rest of the movie you’ll have to see for yourself. Overall i thought the movie was pretty entertaining, i enjoyed watching it. It’s a nice movie and it shows what it can be like being gay or in Alex’s case questioning. For that reason alone i’d say see it, maybe you’ll learn something from it or see gay individuals in a different light. Recently i saw Love Simon which compared to this movie is a better movie, it’s more cinematic and has a better story overall, so for anyone that plans to see Love Simon or Alex Strangelove know that i`d choose Love Simon. I would give this movie a 7/10. I would recommend that you watch it because of its supporting message and diversity in sexuality.

Have you seen it or are you gonna see it? And what did you think of the movie? Let me know in the comments.


x rach

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