A moment of Zen

Hey everyone! How are you? I’ve been thinking for a while about relaxing and finding moments of zen/calmness in my life. I have been in a lot of stress lately so i thought this would be the perfect time to explore this topic with you and lay down some things i like to do to relax and maybe help some of you with the same issue.


The first thing i like to do is watch a serie or movie that is a bit slow paced and has some feel good qualities. Some examples of this is the movie Moana or the show Queer eye. Both of these have a relaxed calming feeling that make me feel at ease and are very heartwarming. When watching to relax and get a moment of zen i make sure to stay away from my phone, so i’m not distracted by the constant pinging of notifications and messages. I sometimes get a bit of anxiety from my phone because (i feel) you need to be  online 24/7 to respond to messages, social media, emails and comments which can get a bit much. Therefore i keep my phone at bay so i can get fully emerged in these series/movies for maximum calming purposes.


If the first strategy doesn’t work i usually take a long shower. The steaming hot water opens up my nose, which i feel is always clogged. After that i feel like i can breathe normally again. It releases the tension in my body that gives you that ‘ahhh’ moment were you can breathe out and feel a calming sense in your brain. It gives me a nice moment for myself with no people around because sometimes you don’t want to be around people. They can trigger emotions and push your stress buttons. After that shower the stress has lessened and you can go back to kicking ass in the real world.

When i still feel a bit irky after my shower i like to go grocery shopping at my local supermarket. This is definitely something not everybody enjoys, but i love to go grocery shopping when it isn’t too busy. It usually gives me a relaxing feeling. I take my time wondering around the market, looking at my list and walking around perusing the walls to pick some extra bits to enjoy for myself.


Now the best thing that gets me zen and relaxed, is sitting in my bed or comfy chair with no noise around what so ever and just take the time to sit in complete silence listening to my heartbeat and breathing. Some may call it meditating, but for me it’s more about breathing the stress out and there is no mantra involved. Plus i know myself and clearing my head completely is just never gonna happen, so i’ll take my zen breathe whenever i can get it.


Do you guys have any methods for getting zen? I’d really like to know them, cause not all of my methods can be applied every hour of the day, unfortunately you can’t pop in to the shower whenever you want because of things like work or school. Definitely let us know what you think about this post and leave a comment.


x rach

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