Hema bamboo charcoal face mask review

Hi beauties,

Today I am going to review the Hema bamboo charcoal face mask. Rach posted an pinklog a few weeks ago from Hema. Hema is a Dutch store that has about anything – from makeup to underwear to food to diapers. If you need something, Hema almost certainly has it. They have stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Spain, England and the United Arab Emirates. If you’re nearby you should check it out!

But on to the face mask – products with charcoal are in right now. Active charcoal helps clear the skin so no wonder all skin care brands develop a product with it. Active charcoal is a black powder with no particular smell or taste, made from charcoal that has been heated so it can absorb more things. It is not only good for your skin – when you drink it, it also cleans your body from within. The face mask costs €3.50,- for a 125 ml tube.
IMG_6037The main ingredients of this face mask are active charcoal, green tea and provitamin B5. The product itself is dark grey and smells exactly like green tea. It is a very nice smell. You have to put this mask on a clean face and leave it to dry for about 15 minutes. After that Hema promises that your skin will feel soft and fresh.
img_6038.jpgAnd it does indeed! I usually leave a facemask on much longer than the prescription says, simply because I’m too lazy to get up after 15 minutes. After only one use my skin is more matte and less red. It seems a lot more calm after using this face mask.

This is not the cure for pimples and acne, which I’ve been looking for my entire life, but for €3,50,- this is a really good face mask. I use it 2-3 times a week to give my skin an extra boost. You can get the face mask here or at your local Hema.

What is your favourite face mask?

x jess

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