Pinklog! Kwantum and Sostrene Grene

Pinklog is a recurring article in which we are going to buy pink items from different stores, lay them out and write a little review about. This article is meant to help you find cute/interesting pink items and inspire you on the search for said items. The difference between Pinklog and our regular Hauls/shoplogs is that Pinklog is specifically Pink driven and will only feature pink items. I hope all is clear and that you`ll enjoy these pink articles to come.

Pinklog! Kwantum and Sostrene Grene

Kwantum is a dutch and belgian furniture store that sells a lot of different homeware items and decor.

Søstrene Grene (translating to ”The Sisters Grene”, “Grene” being the family name of the founders. It’s A Danish retail store with shops all over Europe. They sells various cute and beautiful miscellaneous items like furniture, home decor, stationery, gifts, house items and many many more.

Now onto what we bought at Kwantum. There was a deal going on for vases, buy 2 and get 1 free, great timing because i needed some for a dinner party. The vases themself are smaller very cute light pink ceramic with multiple darker gradient colours on the bottom. These vases are great to put on table or in front of another vase for some dimension. They were 3,- per piece. My second item is yet another letterbord. Now i know what your saying if you`ve read the last Pinklog! Didn’t you just buy one. and the answer to that would be yes. But here’s my justification, that one is way smaller and the colour pink on it is very orange-ie, and when i saw it it was just perfection it’s the letterbord me and my pinktuition partner have been looking for but could only find at a price of 60,- euro and this new one is only 10!



When shopping at Sostrene Grene you see so many must have items that you wanna grab and take with you, but you can’t because your an adult and have other responsibilities. So here are the few items i convinced myself to buy. Firstly a big classic i would say coffee tin/container. The design of this is very classy and simple and would fit in nearly any kitchen. i also bought two matching spices tins, which i use for cinnamon and sugar. The other things i bought were some really cute gift bags. Is it just me or do you also unnecessarily buy gift bags and other gift items randomly. I think i’m obsessed with stationary and cute things like these bags. They`ll always come in handy right! right?



This was a pretty short Pinklog, but i think the quality and prettiness of these items made up for it. What did you think of these items and from what store would you like to see a Pinklog? Let me know in the comments below or via our Instagram page @pinktuition


x rach

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