What`s in my bag.. Gay Edition!


Hello everybody! Today I wanted to post something that we see a lot on blogs and vlogs. But I think I could switch it up a bit and change the perspective, as I’m a gay guy I might have a few things in my bag that are different from your usual WIMB posts. I can promise you some things in my bag are a bit weird and unexpected.

The things I will be showing you from my bag are things that are always there and are staples in my daily life/bag.


First things first, the bag it self. It’s a very large tote bag with the word Rainbow on it (I know a little on the nose but I love it). I got it for my birthday from my Pinktuition partner Jess and she bought it at Sissy Boy. Inside my bag are two smaller makeup bags I use to keep things organised and clean. Inside the first makeup bag which says ‘always forward’ I keep a few items I use ever so often. First off Tissues, I feel like I have a year around cold sometimes and it’s really annoying so a good pack off tissues is a must in my life. Secondly I always have a comb or brush in my bag, at this moment it’s a regular drugstore brush from the hairbrand Zenner and it’s fine for casual brushing and the perfect size for me. The next item is something I use all the time, but isn’t always in my bag because I use it at home as well. It’s the Lush Tea Tree water facial spray. I absolutely love this product and have been using it for years. It gives you a refreshing moment while doing something positive for your skin and keeping my combination skin in check. The next two items aren’t so exciting but I still think are very pretty, I’m talking about my gold scissors and pink ballpoint pen, two things that are always very handy. Do you agree with me are they pretty or is it just in my head? In this bag I also pack a small gift bag, a sheet mask and measuring tape, for what reason you ask? I have no idea, just in case is the answer I would probably give you in real life but I think I have a problem with being overly prepared.


In my other much smaller makeup bag I’ve put some things I most regularly use. A lot of these items are my all time favourites like Burt’s Bees pomegranate lip balm, L’occitane shea butter hand cream, Dove men+care clean comfort deodorant and Vaseline for dry spots. All in small/travel form because my bag is heavy enough as is. Than I also have some eye drops for when my eyes are irritated or for when I have a pimple (red) that needs shrinking. And lastly in this bag is a simple usb stick for all my files and pictures on the move.


The last things that I have in my bag are my wallet, a manicure set and my sunglasses. These items usually end up scattered in my bag along with my house keys for which I shall be searching for about ten minutes.


What did you think of this post? Do you see any differences between a normal what’s in my bag and this perspective? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

x rach

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