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Millionaire’s Wishlist

Hi everyone! Did you watch the Royal Wedding yesterday? I absolutely loved it! Meghan looked stunning and it was such a fairytale wedding. I had two favourite moments: first when Meghan arrived and two adorable boys helped her with her veil and second the kiss on the steps! I’m such a sucker for romantic moments. What was your favourite moment of the wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

And now, what you are all here for – the millionaires wishlist! I love beauty and fashion, but unfortunately I still have the budget of a college student. Sometimes whilst shopping (or dreaming) I think my budget is a lot bigger than it actually is. That’s why I have a lot of items on my wishlist that I simply can’t afford. But being the optimistic person I am my wishlist makes me work harder and set goals, so that one day, I CAN afford these items. Will you have a look with me?

I have categorized my wishlist and per category I have two items that I’m dreaming about.

I adore handbags. I just do. They just finish my outfit. The first handbag on my wishlist is from Gucci and costs €1890,-. Not exactly cheap. The bag is made of black leather and has gold details. The reason I want this bag is because it is timeless and it matches with my Gucci belt.

The second bag I’m dreaming of, is from Louis Vuitton. I’ve been dreaming of a Louis bag since I was fourteen years old. The speedy was a staple back then. The bag I am dreaming of right now is the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Monogram Reverse Canvas. I like the contrast of brown and beige and it makes this bag classy with a twist. I’m not sure about the price – I thought it was like €800,-, but when I look online the LV website makes me call for inquiry. Some websites make you pay €1300,- for a vintage so I’m not sure about the price – but I still adore this bag! louis-vuitton-pochette-metis-monogram-reverse-canvas-handbags--M41465_PM2_Front view

Another Gucci-item! I can’t help it – the love for my Italian heritage comes out in everything! I’m not really a high-heels kinda person, so I wear a lot of sneakers. I’ve been in love with this Gucci pair for over a year now and I am thinking about buying them after the summer vacation – when I can work a few extra hours!  The thing I love most about these white leather sneakers is the back detail – one shoe has a green metallic detail and the other has a red one. The shoes cost €495,-.

And yet again I am drooling over an Italian pair of sneakers – Valentino’s! These combine my love for sneakers, italian brands (lol) and pink. This pair costs €470 and have been on my wishlist for over a year now. The thing is with these expensive shoes that I’m afraid to wear them! What if they get ruined? 45406009fj_14_n_e
As for clothes – I’m not always wearing brands. I love mixing high-end items with Primark jeans or a Bershka skirt. Can we take a moment to appreciate Bershka jeans? The only jeans that are comfy when you have thick thighs, ass and a skinny waist! Most of their jeans are about €20-, and I think that is a great price for jeans. And while Bershka jeans aren’t exactly above my price-range I think it was much needed to put them on this wishlist. Why you ask? Because I would like to have EVERY Bershka jeans in my closet. If we were to do that in one shopping spree, a millionaire’s wallet would be needed! 

Ahh Topshop. They always give me flashbacks of a 16 year old Jess, obsessed with One Direction, inspecting twitter all damn day and dreaming of Eleanor Calder’s (Louis’ girlfriend at that time) wardrobe. For some reason I thought she bought everything at Topshop and it just gave me major British vibes (I’m still in love with England!). Right now not everything Topshop carries is my style, but I love these pink Checked Peg Trousers. According to Rach pink plaid will be the trend next year and I couldn’t agree more with him. The trousers cost €57-, not exactly cheap for trousers, that’s why they deserve a spot on my millionaires wishlist.

I don’t have one particular style- one day I’m classy, the other day I’m preppy and the next one I will walk in sweatpants. I fell in love with this black Lacoste dress . It’s so preppy! And I think it is such a cute outfit with plain white sneakers. The price of this dress is €150,-

And I know I would show you two items per category, but I just love clothes. Sorry! I promise this is the last piece of clothing! Fun fact about me: I adore Karl Lagerfeld. His brand is my favourite! I love to combine his simple t-shirts with jeans and sneakers. This white shirt has been on my wishlist for a while and to be honest – I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale. As  much I adore Karl – I’m not paying €80-, for a plain white shirt. K4821D01S-A11@10Skincare
Because of Rach I discovered Kiehl’s and now I’m obsessed. When we went to Amsterdam I bought a lip balm and the nice Kiehl’s employee gave me two samples. Of two products. That I NEED right now. I’ve never experienced the need of buying a product after ONE use, but with these samples it is different. I feel like I can’t live without them anymore (lol). The first item I need is the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. After using the sample I’ve looked up some reviews about this product. And it is supposed to help with my oily, pimply skin. After ONE (!!!!) use, my skin is softer, clearer and the pimples I had on my face are fading. The prices of the MRC vary between €26-, for 15 ml and €108-, for 100 ml. That is not exactly cheap! But I feel like I need this product in my life, so when my next paycheck comes in, I will most likely buy one of the smaller bottles. Bottle_MidnightRecoveryConcentrate
The next Kiehl’s sample I tried is the Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter. Wow. Just wow. I never loved a body butter this much. Because the product is whipped it was so soft and light. Normally I despise the scent of honey but I loved the smell of this product. With this body butter my skin felt very soft and you notice immediately that this is a luxe product. Prices for the body butter vary between €36,50,- for 226 g and €52,- for 340 g. Another thing I like about Kiehl’s – you can pick the size of the product you like. I’m sure it is cheaper when you buy the most expensive one, simply because you get more product, but when you are on a budget like me, it is nice that you have a choice in the matter. 3605975073485-226gMake-up
I’m not a professional make-up artist, nor can I contour or bake. In fact – I can’t even blend eyeshadow! When I wear it I only use one colour! But I still love make-up and using it. Like I’ve said earlier I’m obsessed with Karl Lagerfeld. When I heard about the collaboration between Karl and ModelCo I screamed. Last week I already bought the Pink Karl lip balm from the collection (it was €12,- and you can get it here). The item I am obsessing about right now, is the Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Luxe Highlight & Glow Highlighter in the colour Nude Pink. The product costs €36-, and the Nude Pink looks great on my slightly tanned skin. Another item I will buy after I get my paycheck!
9331880007492_kmc043_luxe_highlight_glow-nude_pink_open_1That was my millionaire’s wishlist! I hope you enjoyed this article and stick around our blog long enough to see me buying all these items! Lol. No I am joking – while most of the items on my wishlist are pretty expensive, I’m not feeling sad or angry that I can’t afford these items right now. I’m not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and if you are that’s great! But I’m used to working hard to get what I want and making decisions about how I’m spending my money. I could’ve bought the Gucci sneakers a long time ago, but then I wouldn’t have a car right now. While I’m dreaming about these luxury items I try not to get shallow – there is more to life than overpriced shoes and skin care! Take care and enjoy your sunday!

x jess

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  1. Omg I love the Valentino sneakers, I want a pair. Nice to read I’m not the only one who cannot contour, bake or blend eyeshadow lol. I think I watched Meghan walk down the aisle over 20 times it was beautiful. Xx

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