Girlpower Shoutout! Lena Waithe


Girlpower shoutout is a recurring article about people and company`s that contribute a positive message to girlpower and female empowerment and therefore deserve a shoutout. The idea behind this is to improve the current state for women in the world, to what extent that we can to help. By supporting these company`s and people, we can slowly but surely improve the state that women are in. Because let’s be honest.. Women aren’t always supported, the same way that men are. We should have equal footing, 50/50, and we hope that we can contribute to that with these articles. Hope you enjoy the read and like this concept.


Girlpower Shoutout! Lena Waithe

After i saw Lena Waithe prance around effortlessly at this year’s MET gala, supporting the LGBT+ community with wearing a huge rainbow flag/cape. I started to do some research on her, as i hadn’t heard of her before. The information i found on her really surprised and intrigued me.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Benefit celebrating the opening of Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, Arrivals, New York, USA - 07 May 2018
Lena Waithe at the MET gala 2018.


Not only is she a talented writer, actress and producer, she also is an activist. Which is why she is getting this shoutout. As an activist she uses her power and stance to further empower and personally help other woman like her. She takes this very seriously as she mentors a group of talented women helping them improve with writing, producing and getting their start in Hollywood. Her hands on approach is very important in a world that likes to talk about problems but doesn’t actually do that much about said problems. With the Times Up movement happening in the world, Waithe is one of the 300 women that formed the Times up movement and pushes the conversation forward by extending the conversation to special interest/ marginalized groups like Black and Queer individuals such as herself. Speaking with Buzzfeed news: “It’s my job to be an ally for those women, but it’s also my job to pipe up and say, ‘But what about a black writer who is silenced on their own show? What about a queer person who is spoken to as if they were a second-class citizen?’ That’s also where Time’s Up needs to say ‘time’s up’ on that as well,”

She is the first Black woman to win the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. With that huge accomplishment she doesn’t want herself to be the only female getting that award, or any award for that mather. Something she said on the Wendy Williams show(talk show in America) “I am honoured to be the first woman, black woman to win an emmy for comedy writing but i don’t want to be the last.” With saying that plus her actions for female improvement, she wants other women to succeed while she is paving the way for equality and Black females especially an i think that deserves a Girlpower Shoutout!

Lena Waithe after winning the Emmy for outstanding writing for a comedy series.


What do you think about this months Girlpower Shoutout!? Are you aware of Lena Waithe? Who do you think deserves a shoutout? Let us know in the comments or on our Instagram page.


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