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A little Primark shoplog

Hi everyone,

Monday I popped into Primark because I wanted to look around for a little bit. I always enjoy Primark when they start selling their summer collection – they have about everything you need for those, hopefully sunny, months. I came home with a bag full of goodies and spent less than €30! Curious what I’ve bought? Continue reading!

First of all I bought this cute letterboard with a rose gold frame. The letterboard is A4 size and costs €8. I really wanted a pink letterboard but I can’t find them in any store and online they are too expensive for my taste, so I went with this one. I am planning to make a lot of pictures with this board for our Instagram page.

The next item is my absolute favourite – a red faux-leather fannypack! I saw this one on instagram and I really wanted to buy one in black, but it was sold out. So I went with this red one instead. The leather is quilted and has gold details. I already love this bag! This will look so cute at festivals. And you don’t have to leave it in store for the price – it was only €8!
IMG_5771I am so Disney-obsessed, so when I saw this cute Marie (from the Aristocats) mug I had to buy it. I am collecting a lot of Disney mugs for when I move out, so this is my newest addition. It just made me laugh. The mug was €3.50.
IMG_5770My boyfriend always wants to compete with me about who is more tan. He saw this little bottle of oil spray and since it will be hot in May, he wanted to buy it. The oil is SPF 10 and has carotene oil. The bottle was €3.50 as well. I smelled the product when I was home and I hoped it smelled like coconut or something like that. But this smells so bad! So the boyfriend can have it :).
IMG_5769And last but not least: I always break or loose my hairbands, so I always buy a new back when I am at Primark. Normally I go for the plastic, invisibobble idea bands, but this time I’ve decided that I wanted to try these ones, who are made of some kind of fabric. You get 8 hair bands for €1.50, which is basically nothing.

I hope you enjoyed reading my little shoplog! What is your favourite product from Primark? And do you even like shopping there?

x jess

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