Gay culture 101: Nightlife


Gay culture 101 is a recurring article about everything LGBT+ related. I`ll be giving you an insight into gay life, it’s obstacles and struggles but also the positive side. These articles will be very light hearted, it’s about inclusion in every way. I hope i can enlighten some of you with my knowledge of the gay world and show you what it is really like. Hopefully you`ll enjoy the article and learn a little bit more about the subject. Have a great time reading, looking forward to your feedback.

Gay nightlife in the Netherlands has grown a lot in the past few years. I will be highlighting a few of my favourite clubs and parties in this article and give you a good idea of the vibe in these.


For those of you living outside the Netherlands, Utrecht is a city that’s about 20 minutes away from Amsterdam. It’s known as a students city and therefore has a lively nightlife. However the nightlife choices for the lgbt+ community in Utrecht are rather slim, with only two lgbt+ bars in town, there isn’t a lot to pick from.

The first bar to check out is called Bodytalk, this bar has two floors basement and main. The best time to go to this bar is when there is a party or when it’s busy, because that’s when they open the basement, which means more room. I would say that the people that come to Bodytalk are from every sexuality gay and straight and that the demographic is from 18 to around 50 years old. But mainly students come weekend. https://www.facebook.com/BodytalkUtrecht/

Kalff is the second lgbt+ bar in Utrecht and is located opposite of Bodytalk across the street. The demographics of Kalff is from my experience around 22 and up and also a lot of 30 plus visitors. If you want to see a drag queen, Kalff is the place to be! https://www.facebook.com/CafeKalff

Pann, is a straight friendly, lgbt+ party that takes place in Utrecht but has grown to cities like Amsterdam and Groningen. It’s a big party event that takes place about once a month not including special themed parties. It’s one of the best gay themed parties in the Netherlands and always a lot of fun. http://pann.nl/


Now when it comes to Amsterdam there are a lot of different clubs for gay entertainment. In fact there are a few different streets in the centre of Amsterdam with gay clubs, most notably Reguliersdwarsstraat and Kerkstraat. The first one I’d like to highlight is club NYX. This is the place to be for all round entertainment they occasionally have drag queens, dj’s and great drinks. The club has three flours and is spacious enough. The only thing I don’t really like about the club are the bouncers, they can be a bit excluding with letting people into the club and aren’t very friendly. http://clubnyx.nl/


The next club is called club CHURCH but I call it club Thirst. If you want to get a hookup this is the place to be, nothing is crazy here. http://www.clubchurch.nl/info/house-rules.html

Cafe/club PRIK is a great place to get drinks on the terrace or inside the pink lounge which we love. It is located very closely to wear the shopping is so it’s great for that post shopping drink. At night the place turns into a very fun and friendly club with great music and atmosphere. http://prikamsterdam.nl/


Paradiso is a big theatre/venue that hosts annual lgbt+ parties like Janey, for girls who love girls or Superball for the biggest drag battle in Europe. Paradiso always has very open minded and fun parties. Follow their website for the latest. https://www.paradiso.nl/nl/

Some honourable mentions: Spijkerbar for their amazing staff, Taboo for its cozy-ness and Amstel Fifty Four for it’s interior.

Keep in mind these “gay” clubs are just like normal clubs or hetero clubs but.. always keep a level of respect and don’t get too drunk. You get what you give, so be nice and open minded. Probably didn’t even need to say that, because you wouldn’t be reading this if you were the opposite.

These are some of my favourite gay nightlife places in the Netherlands. What do you think of them? Did I miss any and which are your fav? Let me know in the comments or via Instagram.
x rach

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