Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Review!


Hi everyone! How are you?

Today we will be posting an extra article on our blog. What’s it about you might ask, well if you’ve seen the title you know it’s the review of the new Harry Potter game: Hogwarts Mystery! We both are huge fans of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and always grasp at any chance for some new Harry Potter content. If you are like us and therefore a fan of the Harry Potter world, you know what it’s like rewatching the movies time and time again, so it’s nice to have a little variety in our Harry Potter viewing habits. Don’t get us wrong, we love the movies to pieces, but you can’t rewatch the movies everyday there just isn’t enough time. That’s where this game comes in handy, we’ll have daily magic content!


Now onto the review..

I’ve (Rach) been playing the game for about three days now (level 5) and I have to say the beginning part has been my favourite part of the game at this moment. The reason for this is because you get to customise your avatar. If you played the Sims like I did, you’ll particularly like this feature in the game. You’ll get different hair, skin and eye colour choices. When you play more of the game you’ll earn more money and unlock more outfits and customisations which I really like. The next thing I love about the game, are the spells you’ll learn and cast by specific swipes on your screen. You will begin with simple spells like Lumos and Expelliarmus. The game makers have done a great job with these spells as they really give you a Harry Potter vibe and are rather fun.



Now onto what I don’t like about the game. Limited magic: with each task you’ll have to use magic/energy, the problem with this is that you only have a stash of 25 taps of magic, each time you use magic it takes 4 minutes to recharge, so 25 times 4 equals 100 minutes of waiting time for you to be able to use your magic and therefore complete your tasks. That’s just too long a wait and it’s not even the only time you’ll have to wait because certain task will have you waiting 3 hours plus for you to even begin them, there is an option for you to skip the waiting time on both of these situations but it’ll have you buying gems. 50+ gems and I ain’t paying that!


I (Jess) on the other hand have been playing since yesterday, and I must say I’m hooked. I’ve played loads of games where you have to wait for energy (like the Sims Social and Kim Kardashian Hollywood), but I think this game makes it a lot easier to gain energy back. I love the magic vibe and following the same classes as Harry did! The graphics of this game are great, but I experience a lot of glitches. I sometimes see Rowan (my Ravenclaw-bestie) double! On first hand I thought this Harry Potter game would be more like Pokémon GO, but I like this too. It’s a combination between the Sims and other games where you have to complete tasks of quests.


In conclusion I would say that I enjoy this game for over 80 percent of the time. As a hardcore fan, I think I’m a bit bias because I love Harry Potter so much. I think if you’re a casual fan you’ll enjoy it as well because it will give you a lot of nostalgia vibes. But if you’re not really a fan, have seen a few movies but not much I think you will enjoy the game for a good 3 days and then won’t play it again.


What do you think of the new game? Are you enjoying it, what are you not enjoying? Also what house did you choose? Jess and I are both Ravenclaw’s in real life and in the game, which one are you? Leave your comments down below we are eager to know what you think.

x rachx jess

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