Pinklog is a recurring article in which we are going to buy pink items from different stores, lay them out and write a little review about. This article is meant to help you find cute/interesting pink items and inspire you on the search for said items. The difference between Pinklog and our regular Hauls/shoplogs is that Pinklog is specifically Pink driven and will only feature pink items. I hope all is clear and that you`ll enjoy these pink articles to come.


Pinklog: Hema Haul/shoplog

Our first article will be about department store Hema here in the Netherlands. If you`re an international reader don`t go away just yet! this Haul will come in handy when you are visiting the Netherlands, as a lot of the products are staples throughout the entire year. A lot of the product are business/ school based because i wanted some pink essential staples in my collection, so if you`re a fan of stationery i think you will enjoy this post.


The first thing i bought is something i`ve been searching for awhile, a pink letterboard! and i finally found one, Yay! only problem is, that it’s rather small and sometimes has an orange hue to it. The price of this item is 7,50 euro and can be found through this link

The second item i bought was a foldable magazine holder. It is made of hard slightly bendable plastic and very easy in use. I find it to be such a practical item cause i read a lot of magazines and always like to keep them, so this was a lifesaver sinds my stack has been adding up. It only costs 2,50 euro and can be found through this link.

The next few things i bought are stationery items and quite simple. First off two cute pink ballpoint pens, second some cute small notebooks a6 format. I bought two types of notebooks one is made with a plastic exterior and the other paper. I must say that i find the one with the plastic exterior a lot nicer in use. Prices vary from 1,00 and 2,00 euro Links of these can be found here. Paper notebook, plastic notebook, pink ballpoint.


The next item is a simple gold wired monogram letter P for Pinktuition. To be honest the quality of this product is really bad the left side is slanted not straight which makes the product fall easier and the brass gold has little black streaks throughout. Now I know what you are saying, that’s not a pink item! It may occur that there will be a few non pink items in these Pinklogs, just to add a complementary colour and mix it up a little bit because a picture with only pink in it can look a little too glossy. The price of this item is 3,00 euro on sale and 6,00 euro regularly and can be found through this link

The next few items i intent on using while decorating gifts. I was scrolling through the site and came across these cute stickers with words on them like congrats, hello and happy birthday. Perfect for decorating cards or use it as a closure for gift bags. Secondly i picked up a pack of gift bags, perfect for for party favors. There were three different sizes in the pack, two of each. Next up i bought some pastel foil paper to put inside gift bags. This always looks good when i see it and ups your gift giving game. Prices vary from 1,00 and 1,50 euro and can be found through these links. Gift bags, B-day stickers, foil paper.


The last item on my pink list is a whiteboard. I must be honest with this one, it`s a let down. On the website it looked cute and fun but up close it just looks like something made in the 90’s and not in a good way. Plus the price for this whiteboard is 5,00 euro and for the way it looks i wouldn’t spend over 2 euro`s for this thing. However if you are still interested, you can find it with this link.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Pinklog and hope you liked this new article/ format. From what stores would you like to see a Pinklog? Leave a comment if you enjoyed this. hope to see you on our next post.


x rach

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