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Twentysomethings with skin problems

Hi honeys,

Due to my lack of motivation and a serious case of a hangover I did not post my article on friday – I am sorry! Today I wanted to discuss a topic that I’ve been struggling with since I was a teenager: acne.

I knew exactly what I tought during my teenage years; the moment I turn 18, my pimples will be gone. WRONG!! I don’t know why but my skin is always oily and I get pimples really fast. That is so annoying, especially when you have planned something special and a pimple pops up.

I’ve experienced impurities since I was 15. I tried so many things to stop it. I even went to the doctor who gave me this lotion, and even that didn’t work! But how do you actually get a pimple?

In our skin there are millions of sebaceous glands who protect our skin. These sebaceous glands transport sebum out of the skin and when there is too many sebum, a congestion occurs. And when that happens, we get a pimple. But how do you get rid of it? We all know the basic tips and tricks: don’t pop your pimples, don’t touch your pimples, don’t touch your face.. but this is really, really hard. Especially when you are very insecure about your pimples. Personally I don’t know anyone who isn’t insecure about pimples.


But what helps? Personally I experience a ”calm” face when I eat healthy and drink lots of water. But hello, this is not something I always do! Sometimes I crave a large coke with a big fat greasy burger, and I think you should allow yourself those cravings from time to time. Since I use the three steps method from Clinique my skin is a lot clearer. This method exists of one bar of soap to wash your face and body with, a lotion and a cream. Besides this method I also use a face mask and BB-cream from the Clinique Anti-Blemish line. But don’t expect wonders. How your skin reacts to this product is personal and also has to do with your hormones, let’s be real – who doesn’t get a pimple when they have their period?

And if you know the miracle cure for acne, let us know! And for the rest of us: you are amazing, just the way you are. Even if that is with, or without acne.
x jess

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